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STILL ON-->B&B Messabout 2018

Alan Stewart

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Greetings fellow mess-a-bouters,


A fun evening on Saturday!  With Chessie on level ground, retired early planning on a 7am Sunday departure.  But nature called at about 4am -- really dark as a "black hole" after the moon had set, but very bright stars.  On the road by 5am and home safe by noon (333 miles).


Here are some photos of the good times:


Steve at Chessie's helm.



McCrary at the helm.  Friday was very nice sailing.  Saturday too, with more wind and some rain.



Two old guys and two youngsters.



Pre-race maneuvers . .



After the start.


Thanks so much to Alan and Graham and all at B & B for hosting such fun events each year.  By-the-way, the left-over lasagna was delicious!  Chessie and I will do our best to be there next year.

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The B&B Messabout group is a facebook group which is public meaning anyone can see it but they do have to have a facebook account according to my reading. Public pages can be seen w/o an account but public groups can't. Not sure what more I can do on that front. 


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I had a great time at the Messabout and am looking forward to doing it again next year. Didn't take as many pictures as last year as the sailing was too good on Friday and Saturday.







One day I'll learn to flake my sail. One day.




More pics









Till next year.


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Old Codger and I had an awesome time meeting new friends and re-visiting old ones. We were planning a short cruise Monday and Tuesday, but the Old Man got sick and came home Sunday. But not all is lost! We took a short tour of the Bay River and adjoining creeks Saturday morning. Plenty of you good folks have posted pictures of the messabout, so rather than posting more of the same, we'll take you along on a picture tour with us.


These two are interesting fisherman's homes.  I'm avoiding the numerous homes of the more affluent folks.




The docks in Bayboro.



I'm amazed at the apparently abandoned sailboats up in the creeks.



One of the nicer homes.



I don't know if this is a full time home, or a fisherman's getaway.



One of many docks and boatsheds.



An abandoned boat shed next to the bridge. Maybe a business at one time?



Another interesting home. Obviously a waterman.



An old family graveyard. I didn't get out for more pictures because I left my shoes back in the car. Dang! I'll have to check this out more next year. It's always interesting seeing the dates on the headstones and wondering about the family that lived and died in the area.



For those of you that don't know the rich history of water fowl hunting along the sound and adjacent rivers, this is a duck blind. Back in the old days, "market hunters" would slaughter ducks and geese by the hundreds in a single day to send to northern markets. They had a gun, now outlawed, called a "punt gun". It was a giant shotgun mounted in the bow of their "punt" boat that could kill a whole flock at one time. But I' getting carried away. This picture is just a simple sportsman's blind.



End of the line for this creek.



Uh-oh! Must be something dead down below. The turkey vultures are gathering for a feast!



Another expensive yacht going to ruin.



Back "home" again.



Old Codger recovering from his adventure.



The "Master", author of our boat building projects and adventures. Thanks Graham and crew for all that you do. Another BandB messabout draws to a close for Old Codger and me, the Old Man. We're already looking forward to next year. We'll see y'all again then.





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Steve, yep, lots of visiting and boat exchanging didn't get done. Next year we get to see yours. As for next years build???? Nothing big, but I have several small boats in mind to complement the Old Codger or to take along camping with Miss Debbie. Just gotta pick one.


The Codger is proving to be perfect for his intended purpose. The last couple of days on Lake Keowee proved that. I'll let y'all know more in the next coupla days as I write about our adventures.

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The vultures were probably looking for old buzzards in the area.  :P:D  Can you tell us what part of the creek the grave was located? Those are  things that  the bride likes to rummage around. If you get back to the South River area,  Lukens Island has a really old one that's neat to wonder about. It has a small dock, unless a storm has taken it out.

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Doggone Oyster. I've even looked at Google Earth and can't figure it out. Seems like it was pretty much across from the messabout. It wasn't as far as Vandemeer, or much farther up towards Bayboro. It is on the other side of the Bay River from Graham's. It's on the left side of the creek as you go in. Not a big creek. It's kinda hidden in the trees, and there are several headstones. If you can find it, be sure to look at the dates and get some pictures.


There are some old ones over on Shack, too. Our son's youth pastor, when he was an Eagle Scout, did his Eagle project cleaning one up. I never found it, though.  I love that stuff. How about the ruins on a little shell island just off of Cedar Island? And where did Shot Island in the same area get it's name? And the ancient well at the south end of Ocracoke that was there in Blackbeard's day? Did I say that I love that stuff? What a great area to explore!!!

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I don't know of another, but I have not explored the idea because I have not heard of anyone speaking about another one.  Just look for the dead tree. LOL  This is a current video that shows someone has placed a cross on the beach marking the entrance of the graveyard.



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Sunday afternoon Jay and Carol in Southern Express, Graham in Carlita, and Sally and I in Skorpa  left for a four day cruise to Portsmouth and Ocracoke.




Skorpa and Carlita rafted up for dinner in Riggs Creek off Bonner Bay






Getting an early start for the crossing to Portsmouth Island






Southern Express and Carlita heading to Portsmouth Island



We made it!




The Coast Guard station at Portsmouth Island




Climbing to the observation deck.




Looking West toward the mainland.




Looking East across the Ocracoke Inlet


After exploring Portsmouth we headed across the inlet to Ocracoke. We anchored in Silver Lake. Wednesday Carlita and Skorpa sailed back to Chapel Creek. Southern Express followed on Thursday.









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We had a good start, then becalmed about 10 miles to go.  Joe can tell you more about being becalmed.   Some areas of water that is kinda close from the top to the bottom, so difficult to go in a straight line. 


Porthsmouth is a cool place, hardy folks lived there!  

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