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Nick C

oil and epoxy

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I am building a CS20 and it is going well – at least until the approach of hurricane Florence. I hope this isn’t a major problem or there is a remedy: there is a spot of oil on okoume that will be fiberglassed. During the prep for the hurricane I got a drop of what appears to be oil on the exterior of the hull. It is long past the time that it will blot up and I am concerned that epoxy will not bond to that spot. Any advice or relating similar experience will be appreciated. I am close to unfolding the boat and don’t want to create a pre-blistered hull!

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FWIW.......I laid some cat litter in a similar problem I had. It got most of the oil out, leaving a slight discoloration left. I then sanded to get most of the discoloration out. The glass stuck to it just fine.

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