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Alan Stewart

B&B Preps for Florence

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I talked to Tom on the phone the other day. They went inland for the storm. He was heading home and the most pressing issue on his mind was cleaning out rotting food from the fridge.


His house is high and well built but his shop goes under water. He has a scheme that lifts all of his machines above flood water but I am sure that like us, there will be a layer of mud and lots of flotsum to clean up and there always seems to some stuff that is missed during preparation.


How did you fare Oyster?

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Personally we faired okay Mr. Designer. But the region is devastated for sure. Where do you start is the question. For anyone interested in seeing some good coverage of eastern north Carolina WCTI 12 has done some informative videos that's posted on Facebook and their home page. Brian north did a video of river bend . Pollocksville was hit hard with flooding. In my immediate area trees have cut homes in half . Entire blocks  have roofs completely gone.

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We are still slowly working our way through the mess left by Florence and our not-perfect preparations. 


There is one important issue I want to bring to anyone who faces floodwater.  A friend here in Oriental was infected by a virus found in the mix of river flooding and brackish water that is deadly.  My friend contacted it in shallow water in his garage before it was completely drained out.  It started to bother him soon after the exposure and he went to the doctor.  The doctor said he had to get to hospital quickly and he wanted to go to Duke Medical but the doctor said he would not live to make the trip to Durham.  Wow.  They had to amputate his leg and some other bits immediately or he would not survive.  Liz and I visited him yesterday and it looks like he will make it out of the IC with one leg. 


The virus can apparently penetrate skin without the need for a cut or other raw entry. 


Another man in Wilmington was less fortunate and died as a result of the same or similar virus/bacteria from Florence waters.  https://www.coastalreview.org/2018/09/public-health-safety-key-issues-post-florence/


Not to broadcast scare tactics but this is serious stuff that most of us have never heard of.  I've worn boots when in hurricane water and and only once in deep water without protections to encourage hurricane Irene to leave my shop by prying a door open.  Never again though.  Two people out of about a total of 13 or 14 deaths in NC due to Florence is way too high statistically to ignore.

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You are correct, of course Dave.  The real villains do their work behind closed doors in the Raleigh legislature.  Not that some of the mess isn't natural but we should not be making it worse unnecessarily.  We usually blame the "heads in the sand" tendencies for ignoring impending disasters but, in this case, the complete lack of a spine allows our leaders to poke their heads up their own asses.

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