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B&B Preps for Florence

Alan Stewart

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   Chick, you better batten down the hatches, too.  The mountains aren't used to the kind of rain a storm like this can bring.  My first hurricane was Hugo and although it was fun in Raleigh, it left scars on the mountains for years.  My very favorite mountain biking trail ran through a bunch of Hugo damage (but maybe we shouldn't talk about why fallen logs are fun for mountain bikes because there might be youngsters listening).  It may be time to buy 30 gallons of milk and all the bread Harris Teeter can supply (wink wink)...  I won't mention the tea, sugar and viennas because I know you'll already have them in good supply.

   I hope New Bern, Vandemere, Morehead City, (and everybody else) don't take too hard a hit.

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Taylor and I made it back to new bern just this morning along with my mom Dawn to help out. Our house is fine. We took a trip out to Bayboro but were not able to reach the shop due to high water flooded over the only road to it Lynch's beach loop rd. We detoured to check on Graham and Carla's house which was also ok. We had about 6in less water than hurricane Irene. Later we did get some info on the shop from Patrick who made it through maybe after the water went down a bit. Innundation was consistent with Vandemere. We had about 8in of water in our main shop with the CNC machine and about 40in in the lower shop. We hope all of our preperations were enough to reduce our losses but it will take time to put everything back together after essentially dismantling the shop to move it up onto shelves, horses or barrels. Randy and Bobbie's gazebo may not be salvagable. It floated off its blocks again. Status of floating dock unknown but likely still tied to the trees just didnt see it in the pictures. 


Graham was planning to be back in Vandemere this afternoon. I will try to get out there again tomorrow. Curfew is in effect. No power. Hope to regain power in new bern soon but likely not at the shop for some time. 



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