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Rescue Minor Rebirth

Steve Day

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Well, after considerable time, we finally decided to stop messing around with old, mostly worn out, engines to power our Rescue Minor. We bought a new, 0 hour, 20 HP Yanmar diesel engine and installed it in the boat. We have about 5 hours on it now and the boat is running great! 




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After giving it a bit of thought, I think we will be going over to the Mandeville show this year as spectators. It's a little late to get the boat into the show, and I need to get an idea of how that show works before I plan to exhibit the Rescue Minor.

I assume you are rather busy "battening down the hatches" at the moment with Florence bearing down on your neck of the woods.

Praying for you folks to ride it out well with minimum damage.

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I am curious as to what your running gear arrangement is. The engine you are running is a 20 hp Yanmar, but what type and ratio of gearbox are you running and what are the propeller specs?

My brother has built one and is having trouble getting anywhere near the design speed out of his version.

I am in Brisbane, Australia.





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My Resue minor runs a 30 hp Beta with 1.5:1 transmission , Prop is 11 inches by 7 in pitch with maximum amount of cup.  Top speed with 2 persons aboard is 14.5 Knots 3600 rpm, Best cruise speed is 12.5 knots at 3300 rpm. Note that my boat is 6 inches wider than the original design. Had moderate  prop ventilation  in choppy water but maximum cup has improved this considerably.

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