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What epoxy are you using in Australia? Building MARTY kayak.

JP and Nic

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I have not been doing boat building projects for many years. While cruising in the States and Caribbean, West Epoxy was always the "go-to". I am now settled down under in Perth, WA, but don't really know people in the boating industry.


West Epoxy is available here, but costs an arm and a leg. Has anyone here in Aus been using an alternative that they are happy with consistent results?




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I've always used Bote-Cote with great success. Am using some at present in Tasmania with fast curing agent due to the very cold weather.  A bit of Amine blush which washes off OK. Costs about $160 / 6 litre kit down here.  It's a 2:1 mix so easy to get accurate, and thins nicely with a bit of heat during application. Recommended!  Brent

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   Nic - I'm in Perth too.  The Amateur Boat Builder's Association of WA is meeting Saturday (1st of Sept.) for a final visit to a project we've been following for years (it's the final visit because The builder is about to launch and sail away).  It's a 14 meter modified Herreshoff Mobjack ketch built in aluminium.  It's well worth seeing even though you'll have to drive down to Wungong to see it.  There will be a number of people who can direct you to good sources of Bote Cote or other epoxies.  It'll be good to meet you if you can make it.  If not, I can put you in touch with people who can talk intelligently about epoxy sources (not me :) ).

   If all else fails, talk to Gary Martin at Fremantle boat paints.  He's a wealth of information on composites and knows pretty much everybody.

   A link to the Amateur Boat Builders of WA website:


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Nic, coming to this conversation late, sorry.

I've used BoatCote and 2 boats and 3 kayaks, and I've found it to be excellent. If you're getting to the stage of painting, their AquaCote is also great. A good range of colours, plus a UV-stabilised clear finish. Gives a very hard finish, and can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed, and washes up in water. The paint is activated by the addition of a catalyst, and once you have finished you can tip the rest back into the pot to use again next time as the catalyst only activates it for a limited time.

Cheers, Peter

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