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New Ravenswood, 'first' paddle


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Well, not really the first time afloat, the real first was just 20 minutes of so  to make sure it held water (out!)


The  photo is on it's real maiden voyage - 5 miles. Did another 5 the next day. 6-ravenswood-first-n1667.jpg.bc37254c926ba140940bd516718ebede.jpg


The Ravenswood will take a little getting used to. I miss having a skeg.


wfk-forest-1638.thumb.jpg.295335492311f45486c17cbade376aa3.jpg The second photo shows the area of the second voyage though the photo is taken from my Manitou-14 a week earlier.  Taking any kayak through the trees felt, well rather spooky even more so with the Ravenswood. 

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I have two rotomolded (HEAVY) kayaks, both with skegs. Once in the water with their skegs down they track. The Ravenswood, without a skeg, is ok in calm waters, but get it in waters with a breeze, ok call it a wind, of over 5kts it wants to weathervane or weathercock, which ever it feels like doing at the time, It just doesn't want to hold a heading. 


I was out in 5kt+, maybe up to 15kts, today. A lot of paddling was only one side, just to hold my course. 


Lots of work, but still enjoyable (on the lower edge of enjoyable.) 

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I paddle a Ravenswood as well. In a crosswind, I do have to edge the boat to counteract weathercocking, where the boat wants to turn upwind. Basically, you want to get the windward chine deeper, which turns the boat downwind.  Look for information online about edging kayaks.

Fair winds, Andy

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Interesting, first I have heard of this. Only time I have this happen was with a little women that might have been 105 lbs wet in my Curlew. She just didn't sink the boat enough for it track at all. If you don't mind my asking, how much do you weigh?


Have your tried moving the backband reward? I suggest 4" from the coaming but I usually put mine further back. If you haven't try that and see if it helps


If not adding a permanent skeg is pretty easy. I add one one to one of the prototypes that didn't trac well. Might be something you would want to consider. Nice thing about it is you can adjust the boat to suit you.  Don't think I have wrote up how to do it?

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