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Rigging the forestay on a Stevenson Weekender


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Hello - I bought a 2nd-hand Weekender (2011 build). It needs a forestay and I do not know how to do that work. One thought:  purchase the DVD set from Stevenson, but another was to ask around and see what comes of it because I've read other posts here by Weekender owners. The boat will also need new sheets and halyards. Is there a standard length? Standard size line?

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I used 3/16 stainless steal cable for my forestay it goes from the eyebolt near the top of the mast to the eyebolt  7" from the tip of the bowsprit.


from the parts list:


5/16" braded nylon or dacron


peak halyard 58'

throat halyard 25'

jib halyard 28'

jib sheet 22'


main sheet 37' (3/8" for comfort)


Hope that helps.

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