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CNC or Water jet service?


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Anyone had any experience with a company that can cut boat frames kits from plywood? I have always hand cut mine but my allergies are getting worse and I need to look at hiring someone to cut the kits for me. Really interested in someone that does water jet because of the square corners but having a hard time finding anyone that regularly works with wood. 

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Laser works well and the edge charring is superficial. .005" kerf. Clear protective coating over the black edge looks good as well. That's my opinion. The parts smell burnt until painted. My guy isn't currently taking new clients though. These parts were made that way.



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Hi Jeff,


I had my frames cut by CNC router. He used a 4mm bit so the internal corners are all 2mm radius - perfect. I can't fault it and no burnt edges.

It cost me Aus $70 (this includes setup) but would be cheaper if done in bulk.

So I would look around for someone who does that in your area.


Cheers Tony

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