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david bugden

Just want to say thanks

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Just a quick line to thank the b and b yachts for a great boat.  I built the Marissa echo 18 .  For anyone debating this type of hull I have put mine through more extreme test then most.

1. Hull is very stable but, I did reinforce the floor between the two seams running stem to stern.   I didn't like the feel of the floor when I walked on it so I pulled it up and stiffened the seam by running a two by four brace . 

2. The boat runs at 27 miles an hour with a 40 hp Honda on the back  and burns 1/4 a tank an hour .

3 the ride is extremely dry.  It keeps the water off of the driver except in 60 mile an hour winds.( I did say I took mine through the mill) 

4 she handles 5 foot chop easily if you know the ropes .  I was actually impressed with its ability to avoid spearing. She actually chops those bad boys in half and expels the energy to the sides.  5.  Leave lots of time to answer a million questions when you reach the dock.ps. She weighs in at 1200 pounds equipped and motored ... very light. I used thick  puck board on my trailer bed instead of carpet.   The thickness allows you to bury the screw heads so the boat doesn't get scratches.  ... and you must leave the winch on until it's in the water or the boat will slide off... very slippery... 1 finger loading when it's home time. ..

In conclusion thanks graham.. 

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Hi David,


Thanks, I always appreciate the compliment and that the boat works for the way that you use it.


People are always asking me "which design is my favorite". I usually answer "all of them". I get to recall all the effort, compromise and development that went into each design and the modifications and improvements that have been made along the way. Marissa is up there as one of my best.


After designing and going through the prototyping of the Ocracoke 20 I thought that a lot more people would like a smaller cheaper, simpler and quicker build that would be very economical to run. 


It turned out that I was totally wrong. There have been quite a few built but the Ocracoke 20 sells better. I built the prototype to prove that the our new chine flat construction method worked and that she would perform as calculated. The chine flat method worked so well that I redesigned all of the Ocracoke and OB series to incorporated it. As for performance, I used Savitsky's method with the Blount modifier for the performance curve. In reality she turned out better at the top end and worse in the hump. As nobody should run in the hump range (9 - 14 knots) it turned out well. It is just a curiosity as blount was added to improve hump speed calculations.


I recently sold my Marissa, much to the dismay of my granddaughter (her namesake) because I don't have enough space for any new boats. The good news is that she has only moved next door and I get to see her whenever I want and get to ride on her occasionally.


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