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I decided to build the Vacationer, with some modification.


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Hello, everyone.
I'm Mehmet from Türkiye. First of all I apologize for any mistakes I can make with inadequate English. I think I will improve with plenty of practice over time and thank you in advance for your assistance and patience in this regard.

Vacationer is flat bottom, low profile, "25-30cm." can be defined as a lake boat boat. In wich they are warning that they have sheltered waters even in their own web site.

When I gave my heart to this project many years ago, this expression; Due to my lack of experience and knowledge of the sea, he forced me to leave

Until this time I noticed that boats like walnut shells travel safely at sea. Of course there are other reasons, my age is moving forward and my financial situation is constantly deteriorating.  And I do not want to die without a tour with my own boat.
For this reason I decided to do "Stevproject's Vacationer", which I thought could be done on a low budget, shortly without help, and with some modifications.

First: I'll put the engine in a well. Later I will try to make it suitable for the open seas such as Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea by adding a V base karina up to. Of course, the cabin will to rise to the point where it would not break the proportions and It's also a bit larger

The project is based on the original plywood, but the plywood prices have flying. For this reason, I decided to make it from solid wood and I preferred to make the material "Laden" because the only material that could be found in this region was pine.

First, I decided to started to improvise the changes I'm going to make on the 1/10 model that the project.




On plan DWL line unfortunately does not exist. When I  according to the observation I got from the images on the surface of the sited and those who applied it earlier, it looks like the head of the craft will bury 2-3 degrees in the water as the DWL line is draw.












No longer; After to paint it with epoxy. I left it to water to see it in the water and identify the non-plan DWL line.




When I threw it to the water, it was happened the first thing I predicted. The waterwave lined low 2 degrees from the axis of the spine. Then I noticed that the curtain on which the pole box lined was placed 2 degrees horizontally. Maybe for this, do not know real reason . Anyway I decided to continue.















Probably the pulley on rudder caught your attention. It for the rudder movement to be moved to the "yeke" is due to the inverted tilt of the stern, you don't look at the roughness of its dimensions.





Now it's time to transfer the changes made to the plan.




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There's several issues you haven't addressed with your V bottom modifications, that will need to be, if you expect this to float upright on launch day. The first is the lack of a center of masses calculation, so you can get the revised boat, to float where you'd like. You've added quite a bit of displacement to the hull form, but I don't see this as sea worthy yet, without further explanation of the adjustment of the usual "centers". This boat is a cat. D at best and making it a cat. B or A would be quite an undertaking to say the least. It would also be wise to consider some reasonable engineering concerns before the build commences, such as the false bottom. The model looks great, but you'd be well advised to do the math before cutting full size pieces of plywood.

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Hi; thank you for your alerts.

I have used the table "Lars Larsson - Rolf Elasson" published in the yacht design principles "pg.12-13" on re-sizing. Which is On the boats from 7 to 19 M. It works very well when enlarger in or reduce.


I agree with you on the importance of mathematics, but all the references to be taken in boat design are either statistical or empirical. For this reason, I do not think that the consequences will be more than a deduction, not a reflection of the truth.


When I build the model, how do I apply it in the project, using that technique, give me an idea that I threw it into the water as it was finished. The DWL line I just pulled out was sitting right there.


You're right about the center of weight. I think the possibility of compensating using the added bilinear ballast if necessary. By following your suggestion; I will recalculate the sailing field, force center and lead.


As a designer, I hope that you will not consider my words as pragmatism.:unsure: For your interested and thank you again for your suggestions. :)


In the meantime I want to ask; I have not used English for a long time. Is my expressions be understood? This is important. So I hope I can improve my English.

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I think you're biting off way more then you can chew or more importantly can comprehend. Vacationer is a poor baseline to use as an offshore yacht, particularly when there are literally hundreds of other designs that are just as easy to build, with far more capabilities. Additionally, Vacationer has known other issues, that you haven't addressed, some quite obvious, which has me wondering, why such drastic changes to a protected waters craft, that's very ill suited for off shore work, when you can select far superior designs that will serve you well, without major surgery.

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The Vacationer is a piece of classic eye candy day sailor that can be built by a novice.  And in trying to achieve a look it has sacrificed sailing qualities even as a day sailor. As PAR explains, it is a terrible place to start to try and create something else.

What exactly are you looking to end up with?  By working backwards from a description of your goal I bet you can find some great designs out there that already do what you want.  And then you can customize it to your tastes while still having a sound design.  The Bora in the northern Mediterranian is not forgiving.

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Hi, Costek. Greetings from Spain. I bought the plans for a Vacationer in 2000, but have never started building it due to lack of space. However, I have made many models with Rhinoceros and when doing the calculations I have always encountered the same problem as you, what is the waterline? Without that you can't study stability or displacement or anything. That is why I am writing to you now: Did you build your boat, or just the model? Greetings.


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I like the small details, it really brings the atmosphere to the boat. It reminds me of one of the first times when I went fishing with my dad and some of  his friends, and I caught my first fish. It was pretty big compared to the others, and I this memory is still alive in my mind. Now, when we gather all together, we usually use a boat rental Miami service, and go fishing like we used to when I was a kid. This will never get old, it's always funny and also it's a reason to bring people together.

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