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Playing around with a something new. Less serious kayak and more recreational. The idea is a wide, open cockpit boat with a lot of stability. Tandem seating but could still be paddled solo. Maybe elevated and removable seats?  Could be a great boat for taking out the dog or grandkids. Just tossing it out and looking for thoughts. Recreational boats are probably the one big hole in my lineup.



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I missed this.


Jeff, that looks slick. The paintjob is terrible, though. :)


Seriously, what are the basic numbers? 16-17’ long by ? I’m assuming (uh-oh) a moderate beam, as it’s to be paddled. Any chance your outrigger oarlock deal, or somesuch like it, could be fitted, too? I mean, a single/double/row boat would be pretty cool.


Maybe impossible.


Still. I think it’s a great idea to explore, and I volunteer to help beta test. ;) My friend recently moved and they have a private 2 acre pond!  I took my freeb over there and and she lives the dream life of a kayak, now. Just off a pond in a little lean to, waiting to be paddled, and not waiting long, anymore, with all the willing paddlers and water so near.






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Thanks for taking a stab at a tandem. 


This looks similar to Dave Gentry's Chuckanut, which I built at 15.5 feet.  It is a wonderful recreational boat, especially for a first boat.  It is stable as a barge, but fairly fast.   The beam is at least 30".  After a couple of years of scraped knuckles it is time to move on. 


The only narrower tandem plans arrived on the market a few months ago:  the Cape Falcon F2.  It is an elongated F1 and is hopefully just as versatile.  It is relatively narrow at 24" wide, and very long at 20 ft.  It has ribs, laminated beams and two cockpits. I am in the middle of construction now.  It takes 1000 times longer to build than a Kudzu Craft.


My wife and I are experienced paddlers but not adventurous.  I would have preferred a bigger version of one of your designs with a beam in in the mid twenties

and length about 18 feet. 


Not a lot of choices out there. 

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