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Call for a BandByachts ice boat design


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Hey Beacher,


I do not know anything about iceboats. I understand that the people who live in the frozen north get so bored in the winter that they become brave enough to face the cold and go sailing.


Where I come from, ice is put to the more serious task of cooling drinks. Is it a boat if it does not float?


Just kidding, but seriously I do not know anything about iceboats. I think that it would be had to beat a DN.

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Graham, I did not know anything about iceboats in 1960 when I built one in Northwest NJ, having never actually seen one.  I must confess that I still don't know much more about them.  My creation had angle iron filled sharp for runners and awning material for a lateen sail.  Not fast but when ice crystals are hitting you in the face, you think its fast.  So badly balanced that I had to recruit three kids to sit over the runners while hanging on to mast guy wires to get get decent steering.  Yes, it was great fun until one day I was driven downwind fast, could not steer at all and rammed the dam, breaking the thing into many of its original parts.  Last ice seen on my creek could not support a duck, which kept crashing through.


Oh, and I also did not know how to sail either.

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I agree with you, Beacher.  The sport could use a little high-tech shot in the arm.  But I don’t think these southern boys at B and B are willing to do the cold-weather research.  


I went into a very well-equipped fishing tackle shop in South Carolina.  I told the owner he was lacking in one area— ice fishing tackle.  He just gave me a blank stare.  Frozen lakes are outside the realm of reality down in these parts.

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