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If you built your boat in the state of Florida.....


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Title and registration efforts in Florida are pretty easy for a home built. Contact the "Fish and Wildlife" department and arrange for them to come out for an inspection. They'll send an officer, who'll look her over and go over the paper work that'll need to be sent to Tallahassee. With the paperwork filled, you'll eventually receive a registration and title. USCG flotation testing has nothing to do with home built units, unless attempting to meet class and/or commercial certification requirements - read lots more paper work and yes, some testing, though usually a  (NA supplied) stability booklet will do instead of incline testing.


Where (part of FL) are you receiving this information?

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Thanks for the reply...had already gotten all the forms printed and ready to go for registering a home built vessel...saw a thread where a guy got his inspected by USCG and passed.....got me thinking about those type regs...sure enough there are pages upon pages of different flotation specs depending on the type boat you have....your answer was what I was expecting but thought I'd ask the question just in case to make allowances in my build.

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