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Point Comfort 18? Whatcha think


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I am already contemplating my next build even though I am not finished with my Spindrift 10. My brother and I want a skiff to do so fishing out of and after a extensive search I am leaning towards Hylan and Brown Boatbuilders Point Comfort 18:  http://www.dhylanboats.com/design/plans/pointcomfort18_plans/

I really have been enjoying the Spindrift and would like to stay with B and B but I do not like the lines of the Jessy and I think the Marissa is to much of a "in between" boat, its more than a skiff and not an offshore boat, that is the reason I have wandered in search of something else. The Point Comfort 18 is open ( I would build the version with side benches and not with the raised for-deck, and use a tiller outboard) will move right along with smallish power and seems to be a not that difficult build haha - famous last words! and I love the lines of the boat, relatively low freeboard , and its workboat heritage. I have a lot of respect for you guys and would like to hear your opinions if you have the time, is there something I am not seeing? any pitfalls or problems that a more experienced eye could see would be of great value to me. 

Thanks in advance,


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I agree with you that the Point Comfort is a really good design for a fishing skiff, but planking up the extreme twist in the forefoot may be a bear. I seem to remember builders of Princess sharpies on the forum having trouble with planking a similar forefoot. Maybe the ideal would be for Graham and/or Alan to come up with an 18 footer that could butterfly fold.

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I spoke with Alan about a more "Florida style" skiff, and he said it is in the works but they are swamped right now with other work. From looking at builds of others doing the Point Comfort it doesn't look to bad, the bottom aft is sheet ply and the forward section starts at the stem with four inch ply planks canted aft and increasing to 12" where it meets the sheet ply aft with another layer staggered on top of those, both layers are 1/4" meeting the 1/2 aft bottom sheeting. 

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There is a fellow that lives in Jensen Beach that you may want to chat with. I bet you can get ahold of him thru the designer.  You can also get some feedback on the handling and ride with the tiller handle set up too. The bow bottom is probably the hardest if you have never worked with that type of shape and transition before. But its not an impossible task. The transition of the forefoot to the flat panels is probably the most confusing, until you get into the build itself.

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