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more then few Questions

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Hello, I am new to the forum as well as boat building I am planning on Building a stonefly or two this summer. I have a few questions that I hope you all can answer. 


1. I was looking around to see about natural simulated sinew and noticed that Amazon has 300 yeards at 70lbs on 8 oz spool  (https://www.amazon.com/1-X-Natural-Simulated-Sinew/dp/B00DGBZG2C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1520221354&sr=8-1&keywords=sinue) wondering if it is bad too so up to the 70 lbs opposed to the 50lbs sold on Kudzus website? will it not sow well? has anyone else used this? 

2. when ordering fabric from Kudzu it says by the foot is that just the length with a standard width or do I need to put both dimensions in? also How much did you order for your stone fly project?

3. what fabric do you like best and why?

4. if you could only get ahold of pine how would you seal it best to get the longest life out of it?

5.whats your favorite way to seal the fabric?

6. If you thought you would be making more then one ( paying the usage fee of course) what would you use to make a long-lasting template out of? 

thank you all for any and all help I look forward to your responses and I thank you ahead of time 


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  The Amazon.com string didn't review well and if it fails after the boat is complete then the rework will cost a new skin, proven sinew and a bunch of time.

  For templates, my local supplier sells Baltic Birch plywood as thin as 1/8". Or you could use the first ship set to template the second.

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#1 - I have used that exact artificial sinew on at least 3 boats and it worked well and is still holding up. It has been on one of the boats at least 3 years and I have seen no signs of deterioration. 

#2 - Just order the length you need for your boat. The width is sold as a standard width.

#3 - I have used a heavy 11 ounce fabric sold by Jeff and also his economy 6 ounce fabric. The heavy stuff was harder to get tight and did not shrink much with heat. The lighter stuff has to be handled and stitched with more care or the weave can pull apart rather easily. Jeff has a premium 6 ounce that may have different qualities but I have not used it. I have used the economy fabric on 2 kayaks and have been very happy with it. 

#4 - Don't have an opinion here. I have even used Thompsens Water Seal because it's much cheaper than most of the other products and I had a lot of it around. I use my kayaks a lot and have seen no problems with the frames.

#5 - It hasn't seemed to catch on with many others but I use thinned PL Premium Construction Adhesive and am very pleased with the results. Tough, rubbery, smooth...and it greatly lessens the amount of paint needed. 

#6 The Baltic Birch ply you can get should work good for templates. Also 1/8" tempered would work.

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      Launch day at the Yarra river. We call her phosphorescence.
      Found a canoe launching jetty on the river with the carpark only 60m away. I was first out as I figured if it is going to sink then it should be the captain who goes down with the ship. Well it didn't leak a drop nor did anyone capsize. The canoe is an absolute delight to use. Light, fast and stable and turns OK. I can see it part of the family fleet going on camping trips.
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      Thanks everyone for really helping with answering my questions (my many questions!). I promise I post a full write-up summarizing everything I learned as this was my first real woodworking project and post pictures. I just had a few (hopefully final) questions on the stonefly canoe:
      I bought WRC - I would like to get the baltic birch ply to match the WRC with a stain - any stains that would make em match? I would prefer to leave the WRC unstained. Or am I just being crazy and I can leave it? I'm thinking, WRC for gunnels/stringers, baltic birch for frames, ash for seat and thwarts, maybe walnut or cherry for breasthooks - that is a lot of different colours. Is that going to look fine oiled or should I be trying to stain some of it to match? How thick of a wood is needed for breasthooks? So I'm just (maybe) staining the wood and then oiling it with a rag? Thats it? Anything else I should be doing? plywood maybe twice? I'm doing a dry fit first with the frames and the stringers, then removing the stringers and oiling everything first and then assembling it - read a few other people that did that - seem ok? What exactly am I using on the fabric? Can I get a link just so that I buy the exact right thing? I went to home depot yesterday and there was a million choices and I left a bit overwhelmed. Paddle - what kind of paddle would be ideal? I know a lot of people like the greenland style but I'm an avid canoeist and I've always used a single blade paddle. I' m happy to try the double blade but what exactly would be the ideal shape/type of paddle for this canoe? Thwarts - a lot of people seem to be placing them below the gunnels - I was going to place them between the inwales. Is that ok? Has anyone tried bending a wooden rubstrip instead of brass? Sound like a bad idea given the sharp angle?  
      I have the assembly manual but some of the stuff seems to assume some knowledge which I don't have and the internet makes a million suggestions which makes it a bit confusing at times. If this turns out well, maybe next year I can try the expedition 2 person canoe Jeff just released. And maybe a kayak for myself...i might be developing a problem.
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      Hey guys on the website and the book Jeff mentions staples with a tapered end. Are these the right ones? I just found them randomly and only one pack in the store.
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      What would you recommend if I wanted to add a brass rub strip later? Can I staple it for now? Or must I stich it? If I stich it can I still put on a rubstrip later?
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