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Everglades Challenge time again


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Alan and Dad finished the 300 miles in 3 minutes under 48 hours.  Crazy fast. image.png.2107208582bf6af92b09593d98d5d155.png This is them pulling into the finish, having just doused their roller-spin.  They were the third boat overall to finish.  First in was a multi-hull in the incredible time of 13 hours, 40 min.  Second in was the custom 22, in 39 hrs, 31 min.  The only other boat to finish so far is another multi-hull, in 48 hrs, 25 min.  So a terrific showing by the CS.  A few more multihulls have made it to checkpoint 3, but no other monohulls.

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I think that the time of 13 hours and 40 minutes was a typo. It should have a day added to the time.


That said, Dawn Patrol's time was incredible beating their old record by 5 minutes.


There has been some drama again this year. The Chief just reported the death of "Blue Jay" who was a class 1 entrant paddling a Kruger canoe. The Chief said that he was found near his boat on shore. He had not activated any of his emergency gear.


Randy Smyth was plucked off of his capsized trimaran south of Sanibel Island on Saturday night.


I heard that a Seapearl had capsized and that the winning monohull capsized twice during Saturday night but were able to self rescue.


I am sure that a lot more stories will come out in time.

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1 day and 13 hours makes a lot more sense.  Thanks for correction.


A death: tragic. 


I'd heard about the trimaran turtling.  He was 'way out in front, then he went over and was done, rescued by the Coast Guard.  As you say, lots of stories in this one.  Looking forward to hearing from Alan.  

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This is the fun part for me. Florida Bay is always the wild card in this race. It can be gentle or it can beat you up. As Alan said, "the wind has turned east and boats are starting to go back west and then south around the bay". I looked at Windy last night and it showed that the wind was going to switch to south east this morning. If you look at Half Baked's position you will see that he is way south and has lost a lot of ground. Michael (Greybeard) in the CS17 mk3 has just cleared Tin Can Pass and is now in relatively deep water (3')  and can go wherever he wants until he reaches Dump Keys. 

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Samba Sailor did a father/daughter sail.  I believe they sailed a more leisurely pace as compared to the high powered one sailed a few years ago.  There were also 2 aboard, but the approach was much different.  Phil can correct me if I am wrong.  My daughter and I would love to do this as well, but we need some time off from work to do so...hopefully next year.  



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I saw this post from Paula the race director yesterday. It is all that I know.


Well rats. Swimboy’s Core Sound 17 flipped, both masts broken. He is OK and safe at a marina but done with his FCC 1600 mile quest. Anyone in North Miami Beach area? Message me

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Swimboy's post from Watertribe.  Good seamanship in difficult conditions:


“A small squall hit just as I was getting a bridge to open near Overhaul Inlet. Tacting back and forth, calling the bridge tender 4 or 5 times to respond, he finally started to open the bridge and as I had a controled jibe, a big gust pushed me over. With the high wind and tide, my boat slowly turned turtle and got masts stuck in the mud. Had to swim away from the boat to grab my waterproof bag with my phone, debit card, license, etc. and swam back to the boat. Police help arrived. I was not injured. The boat was turned back upright but it took 2 boats and 3 1/2 hours. Wind was still strong at that time. Got towed to Overhaul public boat ramp where I stayed for 2 1/2 days until I could get transportation. Thanks to all who followed and helped during this amazing adventure. A special thanks to Paula [Martel, of Watertribe] for all her help.

I'll do a follow up on the expedition.”

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