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Pete McCrary

Fire extinguisher recall . .

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Fellow small boaters, alert.  Maybe some of you already know this, but a Kidde fire extinguisher may be come useless when eurgently needed.  Its plastic handle may break off when you try to activate it.  And maybe some other flaws.  If you have a Kidde extinguisher, note the year on its bottom and the printed S/Nr on its side and call 855-271-0773 during working hours and they will let you know if it is one that has been recalled.  If it is, they will send you a new one and a pre-paid shipping label for return of the faulty one.  They will properly dispose of the old one.  Here's a photo of mine.




There's more Info on this web page:




John Zohlen of the Shallow Water Sailors alerted me to this recall.

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I never surrender my expired flares or fire extinguishers, just way too much fun to give them up freely.

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The Kidde extinguisher I bought [last year from West Marine] for "Chessie" turns out to be on the recall list.  They are sending a replacement in time for this year's cruising season.

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