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The Building of Old Codger

Chick Ludwig

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Chick, I love that hull color. Did you see the way the Core Sound lights re done with Riv-nuts? Very clever. The outside trim ring has relief for the head of the riv-nut, which is glued through the cabin top. The ouside ring is glued on and then the inside trim ring screws up to it. This way the lights can be easily replaced in theory. And you have no hardware visible outside and just the Phillips screw heads on the inside. 


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Doggone Steve, NOW ya tell me. After I already have the outer rings poxied on. The riv-nuts are a GREAT idea! I'm only gonna fasten the inner ring with #8x1/2" oval head self tappers. All bedded of course with a non adhesive caulk.


Miss Debbie suggested the color. Gotta keep her happy so she'll let me get away on cruises. I like it too.

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I need to post something to keep this thread from disappearing down the list. Anyway, my reader may wanna see how an Old Codger looks with poxy all over him. So hear he is.


HEY Steve, who's winning the race?


No description needed. Well, maybe a little bit. This is the first poxy coat. Since taking the picture, I've added the second.




All the small parts. That's the old "tinner" in the background. Miss Debbie's boat. For family and friends. It's the next project to fix-er-up. Or else! She said so!




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Don't fret y'all. Still here. Sanding. Life. Poor Miss Debbie poured boiling water on her foot. Two trips to Urgent Care. Gotta take care of her and take her place doing household chores. Like I said, "life". Anyway, another day or two of sanding, then painting and varnishing can commence.


Pictures to come once the afore mentioned painting and varnishing is far enough along to show something new.


Already thinking about my next building project. would you believe. A fully planing 8 ft. dinghy. Will be cartopped when camping with Miss Debbie. Powered with a 6~8hp motor. BUT, will also have a sailing rig for messing about the campsite. Yes, I know that a full planing hull is not efficient as a displacement hull. But ok for messing.

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Ok y'all. I need your help. I'm in the process of varnishing the Old Codger.

The poxy resin coating had been cured for several days and cleaned and sanded prior to trying to varnish. The first coat of varnish went on well and seemed to dry as expected.  In the past, I've always sprayed and was able to build up layers by hot coating. Can't do that with a brush. I brushed on one coat of Captain's varnish Saturday. It's been plenty warm here for the last coupla days, so the first coat dryed well. This afternoon I went out and began sanding. First I went over the flat surfaces with my dual action finishing sander with 220 discs. That seemed to work pretty well, but a bit aggressive. I don't have any 320 discs. Then I went at it by hand---YUK! I tried 320 paper and it clogged quickly. 220, same thing. Then I started using a 3M 320 finishing pad which didn't clog, but also took a LOT of work to begin to dull the surface. Maybe I should try 220? I'd hafta drive WAY into town for it. There are some brush marks which the pads don't remove.want to do that.


I suppose I could wet sand, but I really don't


How bout a coupla you guys coming down here and doing this little job for me...No? Oh well, so, what's your suggestion on how to do this the best and/or easiest way?



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Whew-w-w-w!!! It's been awhile! But, finally getting back to Old Codger. I don't know why I've had so much trouble with sanding the first coat of Captain's varnish, but it's done now. I wound up using the 3Msanding pads and 220 grit sanding sponges. Today I applied the second coat. In relation to our recent discussion on the Duckworks forum, "How good is good enough", for me, two coats is good enough. Now I can paint the color on the cabin top and cockpit seats and footwell, and then varnish inside the cabin. Probably only one coat there over the epoxy which is already sanded. I also painted the non-skid areas and sprinkled the "sand" on. Pictures below. Maybe you can see the varnish shining. I dunno.




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Yep Paul, gettin' closer. I hope to get the first coat of paint on the cabin top and cockpit this afternoon. Still have some trim and details to add inside before varnishing there. If only there weren't so many non-boaty things to have to do, I could get the poor thing finished.

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I know that the Tiger and my other follower are getting pretty tired of these same views of the Old Codger. Sorry-'bout-that. Nothin' much going on except the painting right now. The cockpit is finished, and the cabin top needs another coat. Also started varnishing hatches and other small parts today.




Can't wait to get to sticking all the parts and hardware together, and hanging the ol' stink-pot on it. And going to the lake.



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