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OC20/B in Biloxi MS USA


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  • 4 weeks later...

A few pics of the recent progress. Have primed the gunwhales, rubrails ETC. Made some new hatch covers as i did not like the others, still not sure about those either :) They seem to be curling up if that makes sense.Right now am working on the cap going forward. All in all a little closer









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Thanks Lotus. I kinda modeled it of of some of the lines from your Marrisa console :) 

I am having a bit of a fit with those hatches as they seem to be fighting me. I machined up 3/4" Sapelle stock then steamed it for a couple hrs and clamped onto a jig to dry. When dry i biscuited them into board big enough for the job ( 3 separate boards) Which had a nice curve to them and when those had dried cut to shape and clued the edge on. All was fine for 3 or 4 days until they started to curl up . I am leaving them alone in clamps for a while to think about there future


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Biscuits are for interior work.  You want to use a spline and epoxy.  If the end of the boards show, use a blind spline where the groove does not exit either end.As for steaming, kiln dried does not steam well, and the rule of thumb is 1 hour per inch.


Not sure what you mean by "curl up'?  Did the whole hatch distort as a unit?

Another thought is to glue the boards for an' aft instead of across.  Cover the hatch opening in plastic and glue the boards up in place following the slight curve.  Then scribe and cut the frame to fit.

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Yeah the whole hatch has started to cup so to speak. It was nice and strait when all finished but over the period of a few days it has distorted . Had thought about going for and aft but prefer the look this way. Maybe this pic better shows my grumble :) 


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6 hours ago, lenm said:

looking good!

Sorry to hear you won't get a chance to try it out.

 Yeah me to but my wife and i are thinking very hard about buying a live aboard sail boat in the UK. I see the Med in my future :) so it is not all bad

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Hello all! I’m a newbie to the forum, but just want to keep Riggs’ build alive as I’ve bought her from him. She’ll be fitted with a t-top, Awlgrip paint job and Suzuki 200 over the next couple months! I’ll start a new thread to keep her progress posted. See y’all soon, Kevin 


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