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Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project

Chick Ludwig

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Well, lookit this. Good old B&B comes through again. I think that with a cuddy, the Jessy Skiff 15 will do nicely. It could be layed out similar to the Centex that Tiger just attached. But the Jessy has a planing bottom which I want. This is a new design from B&B that is not ready for publication yet. It replaces the Bay River Runner. Maybe I'll be the first to build from the new plans when they are ready. I'll mock-up the cuddy once the hull is taped together.


You see how ideas change as we discuss the options? V-bottom rather than flat, pointy bow rather than pram.


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This is going to be an interesting exercise and I like the idea of doing much of the design yourself.  The Bay river Runner or whatever its called now is a good starting point.  There is really very little difference between the BRR and the BRS and that is straightening the aft buttock lines to aid planing.  For that matter, the original BRS would plane with 8hp and one person. 


I doubt the 200# target is going to hold for the finished boat though.  I also like a bit of V in the bottom for several reasons.  Its stronger and stiffer, allows a better pointed bow,  more centerline headroom in the cuddy and comes out lighter for the same strength.  3/8" is plenty for the bottom if there is some V but a flat bottom needs to be thicker with a lot more stiffening.  Panel span width is all important for stiffness.  The layout of AF4 with the slot top is a good one.  The flush deck design is lighter, stronger and roomier, regardless of any protests from Oyster.


We have found that the enclosed side tank/seat and berth arrangement makes for a very strong and lightweight structure.  While the open seat design may look simpler and lighter, it does not work out that way.  The tank/seat sides greatly reduce the span of hull bottom and side panels and I think you can get away with a 3/8" bottom and 1/4" everywhere else.


I am just starting on finishing the partial Kayak I hauled away from your place a few years ago.

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Tom and y'all, yep, I think this is the one. I agree with the V and structural elements. As for the "house". I think it will extend to the sheer like the Mk-3s, but not to the bow. Just a matter of looks for me. I don't like the AF4 cabin where the sides extend to the cabin top at the same angle as the hull. For the reasons Tom mentioned, the cockpit layout will remain as designed, but the forward part where the cabin will be will need to be modified. For the conditions I'll be experiencing, I think the bottom will be fine at 3/8", but it's specified at 1/2". Maybe an additional runner on the bottom, or stringer inside to reduce the span will be needed. We'll see.


Now for the "house design. A bunglow would be good, as even a bunghigh if not totally bungled. An arts and crafts or Queen Anne style bungalow would look great! To house the porta-potti, maybe even an old fashioned outhouse simulation. I suppose it could be designed with hydraulics to telescope downinto itself to reduce windage when not actually being utilized. Miss Debbie might stay over night with me if I'd design the hull to where I could just pull our existing 16 foot pull behind camper aboard.


Alan sent me a drawing of the plan and profile, so I can start sketching some "house" ideas on it. Y'all will be the first to know. My printer scanner dousn't want to work, so I'll try to take a picture with the camera to show ya.

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