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New Years day sail?

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Well, Tiger, seems like I heard somewhere that "...simply messing about in a boat....". You know the rest. Hmmm, that get's me to wondering. What IS it about sitting in a boat that is so satisfying? Why is it better that sitting in a car, or in a chair at home, or...? Maybe we should all contribute our ideas about this. Maybe get a big government grant to study it. Ya know what makes the messing even better? Munching on Vienna sausage and sipping Real Southern Sweet Tea.   HEY Y"ALL, QUIT THROWING THINGS AT ME!!!

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Our day was fantastic! We took a kid to the lake who had never been. Our oldest two paddled her around in the big punt like she was the Queen. She loved it.


Youngest got to row around with me a bit, paddle around with the bigs.


It was great fun.




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   I braved the January heat yesterday (I said that just for the enjoyment of those of you who have just pried a snow shovel out of your poor, frozen hands) and took two friends out for a sail.  There wasn't much traffic on the river but we managed to get into a race with a larger boat that is almost 20 years newer than mine*.  I think we beat them but I'm not sure if they noticed we were racing.  My crew snapped these pictures as we overtook them.




   * Witchcraft (my boat) was launched around 1980.  The Duyfken replica was launched in 1999.

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