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Rob Blackburn

Weekend Cruise in Allecat

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Hi Rob, I know that beach at Peel Island from my errant youth. I will be up in the home country just after Christmas and hope to sail the 20 mk3 in the Pumicestone and if the weather is good take a little cruise over to Tangalooma departing from Bribie. Will post pictures after Christmas. This will be our first decent cruise in the boat since launching.

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Yes, great weekend for sure. Weather was perfect and we came across about fifty, or more... Dugong out on the sand banks. Really amazing.


Why did we add a mizzen, well basically I think the honest answer is in two parts.


1...I put the mainmast in the wrong spot I suspect. I think it should have been about 300mm further aft.  This has corrected the very neutral helm, bordering on lee helm at times.


2... Friends have a Bayraider 20 and I just loved the way they can drop the main, sail on jib and mizzen and put in water ballast and keep their hair on. So have put a pump in with some plumbing to fill the side storage tanks if needed (together or singly) and can take on 340 litres which makes a difference.


The other third part to the answer is I am a bit of a tragic and love mucking around with it all. 


All good fun and if nobody sees the bills then it did not cost anything. 




ps Drew, give us a hoy when you are up this way. Love to see the new improved version III.

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Nice one Rob - looks great - cause now Alley Cat has two masts the way she was intended! ;) Even faster for TN19



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