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Pete McCrary

Tohatsu 3.5 hp longshaft . .

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Checking my notes concerning the check-ride for the Tohatsu 3.5 (with new fuel pump) shows distance covered at 21 nm, 4.9 hrs running time, and using ~ 2.4 liters of fuel.  (NOTE: the estimate of 2.4 liters is WRONG!  The measured number is 2.9 liters).  Typical speed ~ 4 to 5 knots, rpm ~ 3,000 to 4,000.  Fuel rate ~ 0.4 liters/hr (error, should be .6 liters/hr).  Mileage ~ 8.75 nm/liter (error, should be 7.24 nm/liter).  But the running time included about 15 minutes of dockside idle -- so the traveling fuel rate and mileage were actually higher.


EDITED ON DECEMBER 13.  Note corrections shown above.

Fuel rate: 0,6 liters/hr

Mileage: 7.24 nm/liter



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 This morning I measured the fuel remaining after the Tohatsu 3.5 "check-ride."  The actual consumption was 2.9 liters.   The corrected performance date are:


Fuel rate: 0.6 liters/hr

Mileage: 7.24 nm/liter


The posting for December 5 has been appropriately edited.

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