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A "micro" tender for Carlita

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Graham's latest dink is a nesting 6' 6" tender that he will attempt to use with Carlita his Core Sound 17 Mark 3. It will just barely fit up on top of the cabin. Originally designed to go with the Outer Banks 20 as a tender for that boat allowing two people to row ashore and not have to beach the boat which can be tricky and often ends up with the boat high and dry or someone having to go for a swim. 


Two days ago Graham CNC cut the first sheet of parts out and 30 minutes later the boat was all zip tied together. I'll try to keep up with his construction with photos of the build. 


Here is the build album of the new "MICRO" which is essentially a slightly improved Catspaw "Mini" with slightly more freeboard and a bit more volume and will also be nesting. Graham will no doubt fill in some additional details here. 






Micro construction.jpg

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I usually tack weld between the ties so that I can remove the ties without messing with hardened epoxy on either Ip ties or tie wire. One advantage with zip ties where they are strong enough to do the job is that sometimes you need to epoxy them in such as a corner that has a lot of tension and there is not enough space to avoid getting epoxy on them, just cut them smooth and leave them in.


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The hull is made from 4mm ply and I could not go any thinner. I hate to say this early but I hope that each half of the boat will not exceed 25#. The assembled ply only hull weighed just 20#.


Instead of zip ties for most of the chines, keel and aft transom except for the high load areas I was able to hot glue it together, it saved a lot of time.


As soon as I can find someone to help, I will weigh her again now that the transom stiffeners and laminated gunwales are on.


In case you are wondering why I laminate the gunwales, I always laminate them on nested boats so that they do not spring straight when the boat is cut.

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