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A good-lookin boat

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A few weeks ago I launched the Core-Sound 15 that I've been building for the last couple of years, and that I had also been planning and scheming for a couple of years before that.  I have to say I'm really proud of that boat.    I like the color scheme I picked.  White on the bottom, interior and deck, dark blue topsides and a grey bootstripe.  Somehow, I have always been drawn to dark hulls.  Years ago, I used to get SAIL magazine, and I would lust after the alerion express 28 with that dark hull.  And now, there was my boat on the water, the one that I myself had built and sanded and painted dark blue, taking on the life of the blue sky and green ripples that reflected off of its hull.  One of the first parts of the build was the birdsmouth mast that I made out of fir.  The fir was a super-lucky buy at a local box store: a close-grained, nearly clear 16' board with a crack and a chunk broken off that put it into the bin of shame with all the knotty stuff.  I've checked back there, but I've never seen anything like it since.  A skilled woodworker examining my mast would certainly notice plenty of epoxy filling gaps in that mast, but rounded, sanded down smooth, and finished bright, the natural beauty of the wood covered my sins. On the water, the rich reddish tint of the fir caught my eye as it warmed the deep greens and greys of the forest ringing the reservoir where I had just launched her.  All of these thoughts came to me as I admired my work, and I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and pride.  Maybe I should have taken a picture, but at the time, it was not a moment that I wanted to share or even a moment that I wanted to record.  As I watched her gliding on the water in just a breath of air, I was reminded of how I got there, looking longingly out from the shore, reminded by the length of line in one hand and a life vest in the other.  I really wish I had tied off both ends of that painter.



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