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WNY Vardo Launches

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So incredible.  She is so light, she paddles with almost no effort.  She tracks straight, and I'm getting only the tiniest bit of seepage.  Maybe 1 cup after a 30 minute paddle.  The techniques all worked.  I'll do some decorative painting, but she's done and launched. Thanks for all the help and encouragement. I can't wait to start my next boat!




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If you have pin holes. the sediment in the water will seal them up after a while. And you drag water in your on feet, your paddle will usually drip a little, I have never had a boat that stayed totally dry. A little bit of water is totally normal.

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Very nice!

I'm always curious where the launch pictures are taken. Judging by your post title, and the tugboat, I'm guessing Buffalo or Rochester?

- Ben

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