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sequence for scarfing & planing


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Hmm. A week passes and no answer to my question.

I'll simplify.

Is the proper sequence:

1) scarf scantlings at standard thickness, typically 3/4", then reduce to the required dimension?

2) reduce stock thickness to the required dimension, then cut and glue scarfs? I'm planning on building a Castaway and I do not have a table saw. I going to build a jig like a miter box with a single stock thickness and a single cutting slot to produce a 9:1scarf angle for that thickness of stock using a Japanese-style pull saw.

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I did answer, not sure why it is not here??  Must have forgotten to hit submit and then closed the window.


It doesn't matter how you do it I don't guess. I cut stringers to size and then cut the scarfs and glue. If you clamp it right you will get a good joint. I usually have to run a block plane over them 3-4 swipes just to clean it so there is not bump at the joint.



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On 5/12/2017 at 3:59 AM, Kudzu said:

Just a reminder you don't have to have a table saw to do scarfs. You can clamp two stringer together and use a hand saw. They will stay mate up well because they were cut at the same time.

Just so. Also why you hand joint boards back to back. Any anomalies match. :)




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