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Hey, that looks familiar. Are you the guy selling the CS17mk3 in Florida and moving to Port Townsend?  Please crash a traditional small craft association (www.TSCApuget.org) messabout or Port Townsend Pocket Yachters event and introduce yourself - no boat necessary.  I'm sure a boat will find you quickly in Port Townsend. 

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    • By greendane
      Hi All. Looking for advice on this specific ez-loader trailer type for a CS-17. I'm shopping used and hoping to be all in for under $500 and need galvanized for the salt water.
      First, I don't know what impact those swiveling bunks would have on a non-aluminium boat.
      Second, I'm trying to limit overhang to less than 4 feet.
      Third, while I could add keel rollers forward of the joint, it seems like a pretty big hole in the middle (between the rear and the triangle joint where I could add one). Seems like I'd want to have one there in the middle of outer space? 
      Of the lighter-duty trailers I've seen recommended on the forums (capacity 600-1000 lbs), this is pretty common to find this model in my neck of the woods. This one is going for $350. 
      Appreciate the feedback. Thanks. 

    • By greendane
      Hi All--I picked up a CS17 almost a year ago. Yesterday I finally got it flipped over for some maintenance on the keel. There is some exposed wood and am not sure the best way to go about this. Looking for input from the fine folks here.

      First, I plan to take off the aluminum rail and the two steel (not stainless) trailer "roller guards" (the aluminum covers the front 2/3 of the keel--the back only has the two guards). Next, I plan to remove the paint the length of the keel (and an inch or so on either side of it) and start removing bad wood. If it's not too bad, I'm thinking I'll fill it up back to original form with thickened epoxy (with wood flour). If there are places where it's worse, I'll carve out that section and epoxy some oak in to replace it. Because I didn't build it, I'm not sure how it was constructed but it looks like the keel was glassed. After I fill it all back in, should I reglass it? One layer? And am I better to use something other than aluminum? I've read about brass and all that, but most of this wear comes from the trailer, not use in the water or on beaches. 
      Second, as you can see in the pictures, the bow takes a little bit of a beating. I primarily boat in the saltwater around Camano and Whidbey Islands north of Seattle. The beaches are pretty rocky most of the time (and I do my best to find the "softest" landings I can). You can also see some of the roller scars from not quite getting it lined up before pulling in onto the trailer. (I'm getting better at it but I sail single-handed a good bit of the time--and sometimes the water conditions are pretty choppy at retrieval) I'm wondering what options I have to keep this part of the boat better protected. Extra layers of epoxy? Some strips of glass? Other? 
      Thanks in advance. 

    • By ecgossett
      Due to time constraints and wanting to spend more time with family before next deployment I switched from the EC2012 to the Ultra Marathon 2012. I took great heed of the articles of people who dropped out of the EC and regretted not making their goal.
      Is anyone else here entered in either race this year?
      Any advice for outfitting my CS17 for the race? My three todo things before race are:
      1) Oarlocks (looking at http://www.duckworksbbs.com/hardware/oarlocks/index.htm)
      2) Add foldup ladder on transom.
      3) Mast stowage when down (need advice) for bridges.
      Do you guys usually row with mast up or down?
      V/R, Edward

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