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Where to Get Okume Near Baton Rouge


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First time boat builder here with a few questions, getting ready to build a Spindrift 10.


First, does anyone know of a lumber yard in South-central Louisiana that carries 6mm Okume plywood?  (I am in Baton Rouge)  I have contacted a few so far.   Riverside Lumber in New Orleans carries Meranti, but I was hoping to save the weight by building with Okume.  I haven't found anyone else who even carries Meranti.  I will be transporting the boat on top of the family van, and eventually it will become my kids' boat, so light weight is important.  


Second, has anyone used Cypress for the solid wood parts?  It seems like it would work fine and give the boat a nice Louisiana look.  And it is easy to find around here...

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Cypress wouldn't be my choice for a trailered boat or car topper. Though pretty and in the right weight range, it absorbs moisture at the mere mentioning of water. This is fine on fully encapsulated stock, but nothing stays fully encapsulated, so lots of movement in time with this stuff. This movement pulls fasteners, shears bond lines, etc.

   Any place that can get meranti, should be able to order okoume. Have you tried Gueydan or Manning Lumber, both in New Orleans?


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