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For Sale - Centerboard, Rudder, & Tiller For PS26

Scott Dufour

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Hey everyone,


I used to frequent this site a few years ago, but have been off the radar.  Life circumstances have forced me to abandon my build of a PS26.  I do have a beautifully built centerboard, rudder, and tiller completed, just taking up space against a wall in my basement.  I posted the build progress on here when I was making them. If anybody is interested, please let me know. 



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Hi Scott,

I am interested just not sure how to get them to Thailand. Sorry to hear about your abandonment as I have enjoyed following the build threads here. My own project is real slow in getting off the ground but my build space is nearly complete. You can email details directly to me at rex@sopris.net. Thanks.



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Sorry to hear you are moving on, but it is understandable. This is a BIG job. Looks like a great opportunity for someone. An opportunity to bypass several weeks of tedious labor.

I'm curious about the rudder hardware. The rudder straps. Did you make those? I farmed that job out to a local welder about 2 years ago and they are still not done. Hasn't even started last I checked.

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In heavy weather, I mount the rudder upside down and use it as a windvane.  Always thinking outside the box, I am.

Actually, Peter's right.  That rod is loose right now. It is the pintle material, but not the pintle placement.

Incidentally, the set is still available.  Rex and I thought he might be able to use it, but shipping to Thailand from the US East Coast is prohibitively expensive. 

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