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Ocracoke 256 #5


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Loading the 256 kits at B&B (early April 2016).




256 kits on the way to Sydney Australia.




Everything we need to build the 256's (including disassembled trailers) loaded in Sydney on the way to Vanuatu.








Everything unloaded and we are ready to start the build's (this is early October 2016).









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I remember that day well. Our bucket can lift a 1000# from the middle and each of the four boxes weighed a 1000#. We had to trick it a bit to get each box into the truck and position it on the truck for weight distribution so that the driver could drive it safely. The transmission hoist allowed us to support back of the box to get a second lift to get the box into the truck. A 4 x 4 was then used to push the front boxes all of the way in. The truck had to connect with a ship in New York and timing was critical. 

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Congratulations Tim and Crew! Well done. She looks fast just sitting there.  Would love to know some specs. 

What size Mercs?

what size props?

let us know what speeds you're getting when you've had a chance. 


Here is a spreadsheet where I've recorded some specs from the other two Ocracoke 256s hope to build up some more data for comparison. 



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Will post more detailed photo's over the next few days. Only just got our new mooring in.


Running 115 Command Thrusts with 17P Enertias S/S props.


Have been sorting out engine height but think we have it right now.


Will update the spreadsheet once we have everything sorted out.



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Thank you both for your comments.


Yes it is a fairly large top, we get a lot of sun in Vanuatu, however we think it is still in proportion to the overall boat (a lot of thought went into getting the dimensions right).


It was built using Divinycell and only weights about 15 kg. We modified the stern jig to get a curved shape.



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