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The Oldest Boat in the World


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This past almost 2 weeks my wife and I have been traveling through Egypt.  Unknown to me before we got there a new discovery had been made, the exhibit finished and opened to the public.  It was the discovery of the Royal Boat of Cheops.  The ancient Egyptians believed that when they returned to life they would need all the things they needed in the first life.  So of course Cheops would need a boat to cross back over from the west to the east of the Nile where he had lived.  So he had a 43 meter boat built just for that purpose.  It was then dismantled and stored in a stone box next to his pyramid ready for use when he returned.


In these 2 see photos taken of the stone box and what they found as they uncovered it:




The entire boat was fastened with wooden tenons which they did not use in the reconstruction and rope.  After 4,600 years of being stored in the ground the pieces warped a bit and apparently the tenons did not fit.  Here are a pile of lines and 2 knots, both from the original assembly and left in the hole with the pieces.




The building they made for the exhibit was built over the box the boat was found in, this is the actual box.




This is a photo of the actual assembly taking place.




The rest of these are my photos of the boat.




So not only is this the oldest boat in the world in existence today, it is the oldest kit boat ever packaged.  It is complete with scarf joints just like a B&B kit  :P







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