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OK256 in Vanuatu


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Hi Jay,  

Thank you for your concern. We woke yesterday to the rattling of the timber bi fold doors which always signals an earthquake. They are fairly regular events here but since we have spent our time here (about 8 years coming and going from Australia) they have always been the kind that produce a gentle swaying rather than a bad jolt. We had actually forgotten it happened until I read your post. Have not heard of any other repercussions. We especially don't want the new boat in a Tsunami!

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Congratulations, what an awesome build ! I am in Mauritius and researching the web for a Carolina design, after seeing the pictures you so gratefully shared, I think I may have found what I have been looking for. My only worry is that on our Island, one cannot go outside the reef without twin outboards, will have to contact the designers to see if weight would be an issue and also if more hull/ transom reinforcements are necessary.

Again, thank you for sharing such an awesome project !

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Hi Marc,


I am running twin 115's on my Ocracoke.


Search for thread Ocracoke 256 #5 on the forum.


The engine bracket is well and truly strong enough. We did add an extra layer of glass where the bracket joins the transom however it was just an extra precaution.


One thing we did was move the console about 500mm forward than was shown on the plans and put the batteries (3) under the console not in the stern. 



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