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Camp-Cruising in an Open Boat

Don Silsbe

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Chick, I'd like my first camp-cruising adventure to be without an audience.  A friend or two, perhaps, but not a crowd.  Besides, Devil's Fork is not exactly a good place for a messabout.  In fact, I'm not sure about the shoreline of the island where the campsites are.  I "assume" it's sandy, but this is a mountain lake.  It could easily be rocks, like most of the shoreline there.  (There are a few beaches, though, so who knows?)  Before we have a thundering hoard of people showing up for a good time, I think we should check it out first.  The regular (not the boat-in) campsites are all about 100' up above the rocky shoreline, by the way.

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Agreed. But we wanna watch any dumb thing you do so we can laugh at ya... (Just kidding). No "thundering heard". (Hey, wasn't there a big band leader that called his band the "Thundering heard"? Oh, yeah, Woody Herman and his Thundering Heard.).


Anyway, I was thinking more of just you and me  and maybe another local or two that would probably come just for a day. Debbie and I rode down there awhile back to check out the campground. We had the Breeze with us and spent a couple of hours on the lake. There was a LONG line of folks at the ramp. Get-'er-in QUICK, and rig in the water. NO TIME OR ROOM to rig on the trailer. This was on a holiday weekend, though. 


This was his theme song. Pretty cool. Or at least some of us old duffers think so. 

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