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Vardo Build inProcess


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Just a quick note to thank all the super nice folks on this forum, Everyone has been so helpful, and encouraging.  Thought I'd take a minute to brag a little about, and thank, my wife who has given up our dining room so that I can build with adequate headroom and in warmth (our basement is a low ceiling, and we have no garage)


I hope I attached my pictures correctly!  Thanks Again, and more pics to come.




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Thought I'd post a few more pics as thing are progressing.


As I was test clamping the third portion of my plywood coaming, I ran into my first real set back.  But it occurred to me that the lip is not really structural, as the skin is sewn in well below it. So I thought I would try to salvage the unit by splicing in a chunk of cedar, and I'll fill any voids with expoy and sawdust, then sand that smooth. The whole coaming is now glued up and drying. The Last pic is the stern of the boat, from the cockpit back, covered in t-shirt material stretched tight (as Jeff recommends). She is just coming along a treat. Really looking forward to skinning her.


Thanks again, everyone for the positive feedback.





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