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Short Shot II Launch, (finally)


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I finally launched the kayak yesterday after almost a year of interruptions during the build. It was very good to be on the water again. I had nearly perfect conditions for Lake Mead- light winds,  temperature in the low 80's, and the water temperature was 75 degrees. I made several short paddles to get the seat, back band, and foot rests adjusted, then paddled for close to 2 miles. I'm pleased with the performance of the boat and look forward to many more miles in the future. 

Thanks Jeff !!!





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Thanks for the kind words. Over all, I am very happy with the boat. When I look at it, I see all the flaws, but I didn't build a fine piece of furniture. I built a boat to use and enjoy.

I don't have enough experience with it to really evaluate the design, but so far I really like it.

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Just an update. As of Friday, I have paddled the boat three times. Overall, I am very pleased with it's performance. The boat has more rocker than I am used to. My previous boat has no rocker/ negative rocker and tracks like it is on rails. However, this makes it very difficult to turn.

The Short shot is easy to turn and still tracks well.

I weigh 165 lbs and I found that packing a dry bag with about 10 lbs of gear, just forward of my feet, improves the balace. I usually carry 10- 15 lbs. of stuff (mostly water) on day trips. There should be plenty of space to carry enough gear for overnight trips.

My next project will be carving a greenland paddle.post-1362-0-95846300-1477937639_thumb.jpg

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