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Low volume Ravenswood

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With the talk about the need for a smaller boat for petite people I started looking at a lower volume Ravenswood.  Largely because it is one of my better sellers and I think it is great boat, the length being right in the sweet spot for the most paddlers. Also a good size for the smaller female paddler..  My best seller is by far the VARDO but I think that is because of it larger size and seems foolish to try shrink it down.


I have a model I like now it just needs some fine tuning. Hardest part is stability.  Narrower boat is going to be a lot less stable, but lighter paddlers are more .... comfortable in lower stability than a heavier paddler. Finding that line is the hard part.


Just letting  you guys know that I am working on it.


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FWIW my wife paddled her new Ravenswood and described it as rock solid.

Her past experience was plastic rentals a few times. I thought she'd take a while to get used to it but it took her 10 seconds.

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