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Alan Stewart

Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

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This info about keeping things nice an straight is real good. I had to scarf about a 3/4" piece on to my cabin top because I didn't angle everything just right and the stock top was just a little small.  I've looked "Skeena" over every which way and I can't see anything that bulges or is concave, but my OCD knows that little scarf is there and it bugs me.


I can't tell you how jealous I am that Taylor is in the trenches helping you out. I showed my wife and she was impressed too but didn't volunteer to help on the next boat. I'm trying to talk her into coming to the messabout........maybe Taylor can tell her how much fun she missed over dinner :^)


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After helping getting the B&B shop ready for the hurricane last week and then being spared any damage at our house in Newbern and only losing power for 8 hours I took advantage of my time off to work on the boat. Taylor was busy preparing for going back to school and i wont have her help as much now summer break is over. 


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