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Alan Stewart

Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

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Finally got back to working on our boat this weekend. Well, I did anyway while Taylor was out of town for the weekend.


I got the keel filleted and glassed after those tack welds had been curing for a couple months just for good measure :).  The large fillet went down without much trouble. I used about a 4" wide bondo plastic scraper up forward and an 8" metal drywall knife aft. I was going for about 1/4" thick fillet over the keel.  Starting at the bow by the time i got the fillet to the transom the front had stiffened up quite a bit in the heat (i had the garage doors open) and i was able to put down my fiberglass right away. I had some peel ply scraps left over almost enough to do the whole keel. The last 3' or so I just put construction plastic over it to push out the air bubbles and make it smooth. I put 2x4s down to span the cradles and was able to walk on them while I worked. Have to have some ok balance to do that but I could have put down more. I also got some more bulkheads epoxy coated. A bit at a time. Trying to coat things before installing them to make the coating a smaller easier job later. 


The next day I mocked up the bunks so we could sit in the cabin for the first time. I also was looking at how 3 ports would look in the side panel. Since we raised the headroom in the cabin of the Mk3 I felt that we had plenty of headroom even with the bunk cushions so our current plan is to raise the bunks a bit to gain some additional storage space under them. We'll see how it goes. Next we need to finish our centerboard trunk and get the rest of the bulkheads coated so we can install the rest of the superstructure. According to the logbook we've spent about 75 hrs working on the boat so far.  













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Steve, we've gone away from the separate module building method. It was a good idea but in practice it was harder to glass all the little compartments and limber holes etc. I'll be putting in the trunk and cockpit sides and fore and aft tank bulkheads and then glassing the trunk with nothing in it like a bathtub. then install the baffles afterward. also were trying to coat as much as we can before installing much the way Peter did. Always trying to improve the design and methods. the boat is complicated enough.

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