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Taylor and Alan's CS-20 MK3 #15

Alan Stewart

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Taylor says, "We need all of the B&B boats!" I explain that that is how we all feel but you have to pick ONE to build next. "Okay, let's build a CS20 Mark 3."

A couple weeks ago we started cutting module pieces. After we finish the module I'll cut the rest of the kit and we will unfold the hull. :)


See all photos click here : https://photos.app.goo.gl/22Tfg2WR5pTSBHyw1


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I am not sure I believe this, but I want to believe. The part about Taylor wanting all the B&B boats and you saying she has to pick one. That makes you sound so mature and sensible.  :rolleyes:


Congratulations, nice pictures nice choice. :wub:

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I also noticed the "next". Awesome!

I enjoyed watching the expedition sailing canoe come to life, and look forward to this build. You do a great job of story boarding, if you will, the build in pictures, Alan. Thanks.

Honestly, the WAY you document is as inspiring and informational as the content.

I never tire of watching these brilliant boats be unfolded.:)



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Taylor and I started work refinishing Dawn Patrol (a Core Sound 20 with a homemade cabin) for my Dad to repay him for buying us plane tickets to Hawaii to visit my Grandmother and Aunt over Christmas holiday. We planned to use Dawn Patrol in the EC this year (nicely re-painted) but it turned into too big a job to finish in time so we decided to use the EC22 this year. Once I/we finish re-finishing Dawn Patrol then Taylor and I will be back at it on our Core Sound 20 Mark 3!


My Dad and Mom want to sell their Core Sound 20 and possibly build a CS-20 Mark 3 like Taylor and I. I got my Dad a set of plans for the 20 Mk3 for Christmas. 

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Hey All,


Finally resurrecting this thread!!!


Some may recall that this thread was started when my wife and I begun building our new Core Sound 20 Mark 3. This was put on pause so I could overhaul the CS-20. Well that project took over a year! So we finally got back to working on our new 20 Mk3 and have been picking away at it in our "new" garage space that is now heated (so nice). Here is a link to the album of the new boat (for which this thread was started). https://photos.app.goo.gl/22Tfg2WR5pTSBHyw1


I don't plan on doing step by step videos for the 20 mk3 build although i wish i could they are just too time consuming. Instead I will be taking many many pictures and then doing "wrap up" video tours at various stages where I show everything that has been done and discuss any issues or tricky points. Look for that soon. (After the EC). 


We're wrapping up the overhaul of the Core sound 20 that my Dad and I built in 2007. 

Here is the original build thread of the boat: http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/5411-core-sound-20-hull-103/


Here is the picture album of the overhaul which is ongoing. Latest pictures from this past weekend. The boat must be ready in time for heading down to Florida for the Everglades Challenge next Thursday. 




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