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Spindrift 12 build log

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If you believe the gunwale is properly cracked this is really the only way to restore the strength without adding additional material like backing plates or doublers or blocks or whatever. We recently built a bunch of Amandas  at the Mystic Wooden boat show and had the great idea of pre-gluing the gunwales onto the side panels before we folded the boats up. Turns out that works only about half the time and we cracked many gunwales because the stress was too great. They really have to be bent on after the boat is folded. Anyway,  I got very good at making these very quickly that weekend. We were able to catch all the boats up and everyone went home with a finished boat in the end. 


The repair does not need to completely replace the gunwale. It could only be say 1/4" or 3/8" deep depending on how bad the crack is. 





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Walt, just remember that your gunnel's cracks are quite likely of a different kind and orientation than those illustrated by Alan, rather running parallel to the grain and not quite as localised.

Have you removed the paint in that area to get a better look at the damage yet?

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I've removed some of the paint.  You're right, they are parallel to the grain.  I liked your gusset idea I just wanted to minimize re-painting.  I ripped a 2x4 last night to make a dutchman for the gunwale but am not confident the result will be better.  I should sand it down and re-post pictures so you all can see. 

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