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Outer Banks 26 #1


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Mike- Thanks for the compliments.  If you do decide to take on this project I would encourage you to go for the 26.  I don’t think the build would be any harder and you will appreciate the extra space.  I also think, as attractive as the 24 is, the longer length adds to the beauty of the design.

I do take Rosie out by myself fairly often. I did a week long trip last season by myself with not problem.  It is a bit more challenging in close quarters but with good preparation it is not a problem. I have always had help getting her on and off the trailer but I think it is certainly doable solo.

Most of my boating experience prior to Rosie was either very small runabouts or larger cruising sailboats.  I really didn’t know what to expect from a powerboat of this size.  Since she is very light weight and after reading about other peoples issues with close quarters maneuvering, I wondered if I would want a thruster.  I could see an occasional situation where it would be valuable but to be honest I have not felt like I needed one.  So far, knock on wood (and epoxy) I have not had any serious problems docking her.  I do know that the day will come.  I recently saw a reference to a thruster that only required a moderate size thruhull fitting and not a large tunnel.  Can’t remember where I saw it but I am sure you can do some searching online if you want to go in that direction.  Egbert Dees built a gorgeous Bluejacket and added a thruster.  His work on that boat is stunning/intimidating. He has some info on his thruster installation.

Building a OB 26 is a formidable undertaking.  If you have the desire to build  a planning powerboat of this size you won’t go wrong.  There are some other designs out there that are easier to build and will leave you with a fine boat.  I haven’t seen any that have all of the attributes of the OB26 and are as beautiful.  That is just my opinion.  Good luck and keep us posted on your build, etc.


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On 3/8/2023 at 11:21 AM, Kennneee said:

 Egbert Dees built a gorgeous Bluejacket and added a thruster.  His work on that boat is stunning/intimidating. He has some info on his thruster installation.

Thank you for the compliment Ken.

I did put a bow thruster in the Bluejacket, a Lewmar 140.   I am a klutz maneuvering a boat around and the Bluejacket with little keel and high sides doesn't help that.  I had also couple of trolling motors as stern thruster.  I am changing those to just propel the boat forward and back.  No steering on the trolling motors.  The bow thruster can take care of that.  By putting both the trolling motors and bow thruster on a remote control it can help loading it on a trailer alone.   An electric winch on the trailer is also helpful.


Also docking in my regular boat slip was difficult, Wind and cross current.  And not to forget a very big expensive shiny boat in the slip next to me.  By the time I backed in and could get a line fastened the boat is sideways in the slip.  I hope by having the thruster on a remote I can keep it under control a little better.




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On 3/8/2023 at 9:39 AM, Mike The Desert Rat said:

Ken,  I've read all your post.  Awesome boat.  Thank you for sharing your journey.  I'm thinking about building an OB 24 or OB 26.  The extra space of the 26 really has my attention.  I've never owned or built anything this large.  The biggest boat I've owned is an 18' pontoon boat.  I can launch, dock, and trailer that boat by myself.  I'm wondering two things, 1) How comforatble would you be handling this boat on your own, and 2) What are your thoughts on bow and/or stern thrusters for a boat like yours?  Have you ever considered either?  Thanks, Mike.

 Both the 24 and the 26 involves the same steps, just a few more pieces of wood  and will handle the same.  We never seem to have enough room inside, the more we use one.  But after going back and forth between the two sizes, the difference for me would be a bit more room for a head and shower in the 26 if you create a decent layout inside the cabin with about the same creature comforts for cruising and overnighting.  


Now to speak about Ken and esteem builder of the Bluejacket, both are hard to live up to in their standards of excellence, creation and execution of boat building skills.  I haven't updated my thread since I have been in the stage of laminating the sides, which is like building two boats in one with the cold molding process.  So if you go this route be prepared to have plenty of patience as you see the boat take shape,,,,,,,,slowly. That's my recommendation to anyone that's never bit off a project with shape before. 


And I recommend going with a slower harder for your larger glue ups. And be patient and let things dry enough before moving along to your next step if its related to your last step. Wet out properly all mating parts. 

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When I built Rosie I left provisions for a windlass or anchor winch for sometime in the future.  I don't like having the anchor rode below but I did create an anchor locker just in case.  Hauling the anchor up by hand has never been a problem, except one time when I was fouled on a ghost crab pot. Anyway, recently overused my arm in a kayak race and am paying the price with a nagging tendonitis. Seems like this was the perfect time to install an anchor winch. Jay Knight put me on this Lone Star winch which rolls up the line and chain on deck. Rosie's anchor well works perfectly with this particular unit. Finished the install a few days back and will spend some time at anchor in the next few days. Remote control, a touch of a button, wow! 




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Hi Ken,


Like your solution for an anchorwinch.  I have to send this to Henry.  They want one too and their anchor well is setup similar.



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