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Outer Banks 26 #1

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Ken, thanks for the kind words. I think we all are obsessed with looking at pictures of other folks' builds. The wonderful things about pictures is that all of out "goofs" don't show unless we choose to point them out. But, trust me, they are there! NO body is perfect! Not even the Master. Well, looks like you're pretty close, though! We'll continue to follow so WE can be inspired by YOU.

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Isn't it something to see the whole boat for the first time.  Congratulations on this milestone.



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Thanks Egbert. Yes, after all this time I had not been able to stand back and see her in profile. Made me a happy man!  I have installed the motor and will bring it to the local outboard shop on Tuesday for then to put in oil and start the motor for the first time. That was the agreement I made in order for them to let me do my own installation. I will get more pics up soon.

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For nine years I putzed around in my garage  building  my Bluejacket 25.5.  Unable to step back and obtain a panoramic view of my progress, my sense of achievement was limited to completing  a task on the build.  There was no immediate feedback on how that task interacted with the boat in its entirety.  On the bad days on the job, it sure would have been a morale builder to put my tools down, step back and see the boat in its entirety as it was coming together.


Last year I pulled the boat out of the garage and for the first time  I saw a whole boat.  No words can describe my excitement and sense of accomplishment.  I know exactly how you felt on the day your boat emerged from her cocoon.  You have much to be proud of!  


Henry Hassell (Bluejacket 28) advised me to paint my boat a camouflage color.  I asked why since I’m not a duck hunter.   He said because your boat will attract much attention and sometimes it gets too much.  You will learn that Henry is right.  


We look forward to seeing pictures of Rosie romping at sea and you and Luanne docking at the Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria  for high tea. 


All the best,




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Hi Guys- Finally sat down to upload some pics. Rosie went to the local Yamaha mechanic this week to get my installation blessed and first start up to validate the warranty. All went well. The hardest part of the installation was figuring out the wiring harness. Yamaha does not want you to do your own installation so they don’t publish or digitize a rigging manual for this motor. Fortunately I am not the only one that had this challenge and a good guy in Florida posted a photo with notations that describe where the wires go. Simple after you see it.

One of the cool things I found was some stainless steel magnetic latches. I used them for keeping the bifold door open and shut. Very pleased with the result so far.

I have the electrical system well under weigh. The switches for the panel arrive this week and my chart plotter on the dining room table waiting to be mounted. Should be able to get that going this week as well.

The decks are non skidded except for the cockpit. Waiting on that until the last minute since I am always making a mess there. Still 5,436 details left but chipping away at them. I think I will splash her very soon and play for a few weeks if all goes well. Probably take her out of the water again sometime in July and finish some more details. This is a pretty squishy plan and subject to change at anytime.

On my way to the motor mechanic I stopped at the garbage dump to weigh the boat and trailer.  Subtracting the trailer weight Rosie weighs almost exactly 3,000 pounds with 15 gallons of fuel aboard. The designed displacement is 3,360lbs. so I think she is in the ballpark. I hope so since I painted the waterline accordingly. Perhaps a bit bold but so it goes.



















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Thanks for the positive feedback guys. Working on the little details that are mostly fun and satisfying. Made handrails for the PH roof and forward cabin yesterday. Got the chart plotter and gauges mounted as well. 


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