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The Flies I love...

Action Tiger

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This is really to keep off poor Chick's thread.

Here's my go to dapping pole I always carry. Yes I modified it by wrapping the sections, shortening it, and adding a better tip top.

Mostly, though, I wanted to show you my wooly bugger, Ken. I know you are right. Catch anything on these.

And a picture of my mini streamers that derived from some jigs I was tying. They are meant to resemble our little shad, but really any litte snack fish. :)

Anyone else have a pet fly?



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I love to watch any dry fly settle gently onto the water as the loop unrolls, of course, but the one I've probably caught the most fish on is a foam bug.

   One day in the Blue Ridge Mountains I paddled the kayak (yes, a skin-on-frame boat ;) ) up within casting distance of a shoreline that was covered in rhododendron that overhung the water by a good 6 feet.  a gentle breeze was blowing along the shore so I was pushed along sideways while facing the shore.  As I drifted I flipped the bug with a side cast so it bounced off the water just at the edge of the overhanging plants and landed well under the canopy.  I caught fish on 26 consecutive casts.  They were all little, mostly bluegills so I didn't keep any but I have a habit of de-barbing the hooks I tie flies with so I didn't do too much damage.

   Sadly I don't even have a fly rod any more.  I love living just a few minutes from the ocean but there's no fishable freshwater to speak of around here and the wind blows at least 20 knots on pretty much every summer afternoon.  Great for sailing, not so great for fly fishing.

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Oh, yes. There's a little spot I know like what you describe, Ken, full of bluegill. We cull the herd regularly. Those fools eat little foam spiders, or moths like they are candy.

I'm out now, but I will tie some more mice. I got this recipe from a guy what produces an articulated fur body with a gross looking little tail. That and the frogs destroy diurnally. Quiet top water stuff. Slurps and blorps rather than bloop and pops.

Stuck in the saltwater, with a stiff breeze? Ken, sounds like you need some flash jigs to use, eh? Better, yet, you ever trolled under sail? Reaches work well. :)



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The flies I love are the ones that don't bite, are naturally mute and invisible. Now, if we can engineer our kids this way . . .

If this were the case, I wouldn't be reminded every day I was never as clever and cool as I thought.

Me: "Was I really that goofy as a kid?"

Chorus: "No. You were worse!"

I still don't believe it. I was cool, and awesome, and perfect as a child, as I recall. Heheh.

Now, kids from the extended family...:)



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OK, I'll bite.  Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we have a lot of Yellow Sallies.  I found this pattern in an old book of patterns collected by the Fly Fishing Federation.  It is a Yellow Sally soft hackle, and it works like a charm.  Of course, none of my photos will upload!  Grrr!

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8 hours ago, Charlie Jones said:

Hey guy- been a long long time.. Yeah, still kicking.. Turned 76 a couple weeks ago. Back fusses at me now, but still have the sailboat, and still sail her. Not as often as in the past, but keeping on

How's things at your house?


Wow, that sounds great that you are still enjoying the outdoors afloat.  I am working on two boats right now, and trying to get on the water  when the weather allows for us to do so too. . 

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