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  1. (This begins a boat-build-blog for spring and summer of 2020.) I just received through mail my plans for the Core Sound 15. My Background: I built two small boats as a kid. ==> an 8 foot Glen-L three-point hydroplane (Tiny Titan)... I chose this as a project in 8th grade since my dad had a 5 hp Sea King motor. With some effort (letting go of the tiller and sitting up on the bow deck) I could get it into a plane. To use it in a nearby lake I built a little trailer with a 10 foot 4x4, a 2x4 cross piece, a broom handle “axel”, and a couple wagon wheels. I’d push it down the road a couple blocks and spend a few hours tooling around the lake. ==> an 11 foot Glen-L runabout TNT)... I chose this boat plan since, with saved money from bagging groceries, I had bought a 12 foot aluminum boat (with a 1956 30 hp Johnson motor and a trailer... I sold the boat but kept the motor and trailer.) I finished the TNT and started using it after finishing 10th grade. It did over 30 mph and could pull me waterskiing. (By the way, my son recently claimed my boat after it sat in the back yard for a couple decades. He had built a three cedar strip canoes and applied his skills to rebuilding the TNT. We then worked together on the 1956 Johnson that hadn’t been used since 1996 - but it did serve as storage compartments for chipmunks - and we will try firing it up soon.) Then came college, marriage, grad school, four kids, and a career. I’ve had many and various woodworking projects scattered among the years. No boats, though. After moving back to Wisconsin In 1995, my two sons and I were each paid $100 for playing in the summer city band. My brother-law-law (a boat dealer) called me about boat he took in on a trade... $300... an 18-foot 1978 Lund tri-hull (aqua blue... named Miss Tuhla... quaint) with a 180 hp Mercruiser in perfect running condition. My boys and I bought it. It was a fun family boat until the kids got married... and great for waterskiing. During the empty-nest years, I took the ASA 101 and 103 sailing courses plus an independent three-day cruising course in Bayfield, Wisconsin (Apostle Islands area in Lake Superior.) Fun, but chartering a 35 foot sailboat is just not within prudent budgeting. I retired as 2019 ended. Hmmm... time for something... what to do? I somehow stumbled onto the B&B Yachts website. After brief research, I decided to purchase plans for the BRS17... only $85. While looking over the plans and feeling rather intimidated (not really understanding the B&B building approaches and all the little unknown details) and having then also done more research, I decided to call in an order with Alan at B&B Yachts for a CS15... the entire set of kits: THE WORKS. I must say that Alan’s comprehensive set of 19 YouTube videos on building the CS15 is what gave me the confidence to make the full investment. I chose the kit route to have a finished project by late summer or fall (hopefully... my wife will want the garage back.) I think that the kit approach will provide me sufficient challenge. My CS15 kits are being assembled in April 2020... I’m looking forward to making the trip to B&B Yachts to bring “THE WORKS” kit home... I am ready for the boatbuilding project to begin. I decided that the speedier “end result” of a working sailboat, that I could call my own and enjoy with my family, was more important than taking on the laying out/cutting/fashioning of all the pieces... along with the fact that making the masts/rigging/etc. was beyond what I thought I wanted take on. So, from me to B&B Yachts... a big thanks for making this project available and (likely) making it possible for me to succeed.
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