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  1. Good to hear from you Rolando. Sounds like we will be close to the same time table, so we can bounce ideas off of each other. The plywood arrives today, and the other supplies are slowly creeping in as time and finances allow. Carla has been very helpful in helping iron out some bugs that this new builder has...question, questions, questions! There is so much to ponder and new challenges to tackle. This looks to be such a great boat for my needs, after pondering a small number of them for awhile. I hope that I can do Graham's design proud. Kyle
  2. Thanks for the supportive welcome. Still no word on any builders in my area nor Belhaven builders...come on! I'm #44, so there has to be SOMEONE else out there that has built this boat! :-)) Kyle
  3. Hello from a new member ~ I have just purchased the Belhaven 19 plans and am looking forward to building this boat. I live in Nevada not too far from Lake Tahoe, but I primarily sail on the reservoirs here in Nevada. I hope to be able to post questions after I receive and read through the plans. Much thanks ahead of time for answering my queries! If there are any other Belhaven 19 builders near me, I would love to hear from you...or any other wood boat builders in my area. Somehow, a high desert setting does not lend itself to building structures that need water for propulsion! Nice to meet you all, Kyle
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