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  1. Thanks Ray. I guess I tend towards the minimalist route, too, although that wouldn't hold true to my many boat habit...sigh. The Sounder might be just the thing. I have two sheep, so tallow is available, but that would mean they would have to go on the chopping block...Homer and Jethro have been with me too many years for that! I remember many nights at anchor with kerosene lanterns...a little smelly sometimes, but very romantic! I will definitely go the LED route as much as I can. Thanks for your valuable input. Kyle
  2. Not the chain saw!! Have you thought of donating it to the Sea Scouts program? To a charity? I'm getting nightmares here! If I lived closer to you, Jim, I would help you find a home for your lovely boat. Kyle in Nevada Belhaven #44
  3. Hi Ray ~ Good to hear from you. I plan to use the Torqeedo for geting in/out of the launching area mostly...or for a little putter about the lake on a quiet evening. It was used last summer on the Venture 21 and did quite well for what I asked of it. Kyle
  4. I preferred to build my own for weight and bulk reasons so it would be custom-fit to my hatch compartment. You can see the power station I built at this link: http://www.roguepaddler.com/cs20u.htm (look under "12V Power Station"). Looks really good, Wes. Would this unit be solar compatible for recharging? I would think the Torqueedo would require you to have quite a large battery... The Torqeedo I have has a nine pound battery that sits atop the engine itself. I recharge it by house current each time after use. There is a folding solar panel option for recharging that Torqeedo sells, but it is $900.00. Much thanks for your ideas! Kyle
  5. I have heard of other sailboats using concrete/cement pours, but could not begin to tell you if this is a viable option or not...a Chebacco in the SF Bay area used this method. Kyle #44
  6. Hey Scott ~ I'm glad that you were able to get out and sail a bit. Bummer about the memory card; seems that my mind loses it's memory card some days, too. I would love to see any footage of sailing that you have. What type of stove do you have? I will need to start saving for all of those little niceties! Kyle #44
  7. Hi All ~ I have not posted to this main forum yet, so hello to all. I am building a Belhaven 19 and am wondering if I can get by without a marine battery. I will use a Torqeedo electric engine for auxillary power, and plan to purchase running lights and a masthead light that are removable and disposable cell battery operated. Interior boat lights will also be LED dsiposable battery operated. Now, what ideas do you have for me to power a depth sounder and also to light a compass at night? I can't offhand think of any other electronics I might need, but please do chime in if I have forgotten something essential. Thanks for your help and ideas! Kyle #44
  8. Hey Scott, were you able to go sailing? Hope you had a good time and took videos/pictures! Kyle #44
  9. Hi Dennis ~ I asked this same question about Belhaven builders when I started my build in September. No bites. I am in Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Hope you find someone local. Kyle #44 Belhaven 19
  10. Too much fun! Glad that little Bella enjoyed herself. Thanks for sharing. Makes the 9" of snow more bearable here... Kyle
  11. Frank ~ Did you ever build the Origami? I am curious about that one and also the Stasha. Kyle #44
  12. Yahoo!! Have a good time and wear your woolies!! Kyle #44
  13. Thanks Norm and Peter P. I have managed to make it to day 17 with only Advil occasionally now. It feels great to have less pain and more passive movement. Although it is still a long haul, it is so nice to know that only healing and better use of this arm will be in my future! Kyle #44
  14. Norman and Scott, you are both good sleuths! #44 is very popular, what with Starks of Green Bay Packers fame sporting it now on his jersey. How could we go wrong?? Kyle #44
  15. Ah, no worries G Man! I was secretly hoping that you had somehow sent elves to my garage while I was in my medicated state and finished my boat for me. Scott said that he was sailing his 10 weeks after his shoulder surgery, so I was sure that my boat was finished, too! Yours is lovely and I look forward to seeing more pictures of "Last Mango." Cute name! Kyle #44
  16. Just an update since I have not posted for some time. The Belhaven is tucked away in the garage and waiting for my shoulder to heal from surgery. Years of kayaking and swimming and playing hard finally took its toll, and my rotator cuff tore. I hope to be back at #44 soon. I presently am in an arm sling, but plan to have a neighbor come by this weekend to help with the lead molds for the keel, bilge keel and the centerboard. Scott's friend Jerry graciously lent me the bilge keel mold he made, and I am looking forward to plaster of Paris fun soon for the main keel mold. A local welder will be hired to melt and pour the lead I have collected. #44 sits patiently waiting for her next addition, the inside keel batten. It is cut and ready to go. All inside seams are filleted and taped. Sails were ordered in November from Carla. Ports and escape hatch have arrived. Centerboard has been cut out and just needs fairing. Awaiting hardware for the centerboard from Graham and Carla. All systems are go!! Kyle
  17. Thanks for the info. from east bug splat, and go Green Bay!!!! Kyle #44
  18. Hi Scott ~ Do you plan on using graphite powder on the centerboard plus on the insides of the centerboard trunk? I would be curious to know the quantity of graphite powder you use since I have not ordered any yet. Thanks!! Kyle #44
  19. Went 3D today. Had eight of us, and very helpful to have such wonderful neighbors, especially one on the small side and another with loonngggg arms!! Still need to fit the transom and bulkhead #1, but we are on the way! Thanks for the thoughtful call, Scott. You are a sweetie!! AND you were the first to know that we went 3D. Kyle
  20. Wow! What fun! Thanks for sharing the day with us still steeped in epoxy and sawdust. Kyle
  21. Congrats GMan!! I am #44 and am about to go 3D with my build. It is encouraging to see yours so beautifully done, and so traditional looking. One year, too! That is impressive. Please keep the pictures coming as I have much to learn about this build, and pictures DO speak a thousand words. Kyle
  22. Started cutting out the bottom panels today. Feels like I am building a boat finally after so many questions! :-) Kyle
  23. Thanks Scott. I appreciate the note and the info. Your trip sounds fantastic! I will look forward to hearing how it went and also the things you like/not so much like about the boat. Kyle
  24. That looks just like too much fun. I Googled Edmond, OK and it IS listed as the B and B capital...amazing! ;-) Kyle
  25. Hi Scott ~ Thanks for these photos and it was very enjoyable and enlightening to talk with you on Sunday. Thanks for being so very helpful! I can only hope that my build will turn out half as nice as yours! Kyle
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