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  1. Thanks much Scott. 60-80# sounds good. I am just getting ready to leave for a week in Hawai'i and had planned on bringing back some sand to try Ray's idea. I won't ride my horse over this time... Kyle
  2. Oh, I LIKE that idea! Will do! Thanks Ray! Kyle
  3. Thanks for the fish! Scott sent me the mold. Jerry made the mold. Therefore, I have asked Scott to contact Jerry to see if Jerry remembers how much lead weight he needed to fill the mold. I could add water to the plaster of Paris mold, but then it would be a moot melted point! I'll let the Forum know when I get the answer...wish it was written in the plans, the other weights are. Kyle
  4. Finished melting down the lead for the centerboard and main keels. Now wondering how much lead weight I need for the bilge keel. Anyone out there have an estimate of how much is needed? Much thanks! Kyle #44
  5. I have always used my Japanese saw with a more horizontal angle, rather than vertical. I cut my teeth on these saws; as a child, my Marine father was stationed in the Orient and made sure that I could use this saw "properly." But seeing that you were at The Wooden Boat School, I would image that they would not steer you wrong...hmmmm... And yes, I was the only girl on my block with my own little set of tools. The Japanese saw I use has a stiffer blade than the most recent one I purchased at Home Depot..it is very flimsy. I still have the one Dad gave me back in 1961. Kyle
  6. Thanks for the lead on that, Ray. Somehow I missed your post. Just looked at some "yuloh" vids on YouTube...pretty cool! Don't know if I want the Scullmatix or the cool factor of being able to get the angle and the rhythm myself! Kyle #44
  7. Gotta love that picture: acoustic guitar, concert piano, oriental rug, and the centerboard...what class! Kyle #44
  8. Much thanks, Graham. I will take note of this. Kyle
  9. Congrats Ray! Now you already have some answers to all of the questions I have asked you ;-) I will look forward to your build pictures and seeing your boat in progress. A professional build will be lovely to watch develop. Kyle #44
  10. Just finished cutting out the two Bulkhead #2's and should be installing them someday this week after work. I am planning on installing Bulkheads #2, then the centerboard case, then Bulkheads #3. Does anyone see any problem with this order? Scott just PM'ed me to say that this is how it is done. Thanks Scott! Melting down the remaining wheel weights tonight and pouring the centerboard weight. It is due to snow again for a few days, so will be holding off on some epoxy jobs until it warms a bit. Kyle
  11. Another question on the plans: the layout sheet specifies number 17 as Bulkhead #4. I do not see this in the plans, unless it is the bulkhead (?) that is on the starboard side 15' 4 3/8" back from the bow, shown on the Hull Construction Plan sheet. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Kyle #44
  12. Thanks Graham! That is exactly what I needed. Just finished cutting out the two Bulkhead #2's and should be installing them someday this week after work. I am planning on installing Bulkheads #2, then the centerboard case, then Bulkheads #3. Does anyone see any problem with this order? Much thanks for the assistance. Kyle #44
  13. Hi All ~ Shoulder is recovering nicely and I am back with my build again. I am looking at the Bulkheads sheet on my plans and notice that there are no dimensions for the cockpit side starboard side. The port side has measurements, but the starboard side is different by a bit. Anyone have an answer for me for dimensions? Much thanks! Kyle #44
  14. I have no idea what you are talking about, Sir! Kyle
  15. Hope that you and Richard connected. I am still stuck here in SA, but slowly making my way up the coast towards Panama. Lost the camera. Hope to board a freighter from the Canal to San Fran and hoof it home to Nevada from there. It was a faster trip down since Magpie is related to Pegasus (long story), we flew with the westerlies. By the time Magpie and I make it home, my nose will be over a foot long. Kyle
  16. I, too, would like to get a sculling oar and am setting up for one. Anyone know what length is recommended for this? I have been looking for YouTube videos on the use of the yuloh (sculling oar) so that I can practice. My old boyfriend used one on his tender at times....it was pretty cool! Perhaps for stowage it could be a telescoping carbon fiber model...or a two piece model...one CAN dream, yes? Kyle #44
  17. Hi Ken ~ My horse threw a shoe just past Venezuela, and I am stuck here on a Sunday (nobody works here on a Sunday). Looks like you will have to go with Richard's offer instead. Hopefully you can get a refund on the ticket you bought me. Kyle
  18. I'll saddle up my horse and try to make it by March 21st, the day before we sail off. This IS Santiago, Chile, right? Kyle
  19. Sure Ken, I'll join you! Just wire me the ticket today (I just got called off work), and I'll meet you at the sailboat you have rented. I'll pack us a lunch. Kyle
  20. I can shake the cover off of my 15 footer and you can start rowing...just trying to help out here. Kyle
  21. Hey Ken ~ Why not just hop on a boat 12 nautical miles offshore for three days? Would the government buy that? Kyle
  22. Ah, memories! Have a good sail someday and send pictures. And thanks for the "update" on your build(s). I remember skateboarding on my old metal wheeled red skateboard on the Hollywood side when they were just laying the asphalt there for the harbor parking lot. I left there in the late 80's. I plan to take my Belhaven south and sail out of CI Harbor one year. I even have dreams about it. I'll let you know when the time draws near... Now back to the regular programming of line diameter. Hijacker out. Kyle
  23. Hi Frank ~ I don't want to hijack this thread, but I left you a reply on the Design Forum re: Oragami. Did you ever build her? Also, I hail from Pt. Hueneme. Spent many days working and playing along the Ventura/Channel Islands/Oxnard coasts. Was great back in the 70's!! Kyle
  24. Thanks PAR and Wes for the suggestions. I was hoping to avoid the "centerboard test" if possible, but it is a good backup plan. It might even work as an anchoring system if I have enough way on... Kyle
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