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  1. A good place to practice these techniques is away from a dock, using a buoy as your marker. Less stress on the boat vs. dock if you mess up I will look to employ some of these techniques when I get to sailing my Belhaven, since a cat ketch is a new rig to me. Thanks for all of the ideas.
  2. Edensaw is my choice. Good prices and great people to deal with. Bought mine in 2010. Okoume and Meranti ply and some excellent spruce lumber, all packaged well for shipping with very reasonable rates to Nevada, where I live.
  3. Did Scott mention that Dina is 6'8" ?
  4. http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/09/columns/guest/einhorn/index.htm
  5. Hi Rick ~ Glad to hear the The Yellow Peril is in a new and loving home. Congrats to you and we welcome any updates you have on her. Kyle #44
  6. Sniff, sniff... #44 already misses her.
  7. Some of us gals like gift certificates to hardware stores and boat supply stores. Glad to hear that the carbon paper is working. I had out my dressmaker's tracing paper to send to you, Scott, but it was pink...matches my doilies pretty well. Glad to see you are back in the building game, but sorry to see The Yellow Boat go before our match race... #3 vs. #44. Kyle
  8. Hi Mike ~ Great vid! If you ever head east to Tahoe, I'd be pleased to meet you and act as crew. I live just east of Tahoe in Nevada in the Carson Valley. Kyle (building Belhaven #44)
  9. Hope you have enough yellow paint left over from your Belhaven Kyle #44
  10. Awesome Scott! Thanks so much for sharing these videos with us all. Now that my boat is back right side up, I can pretend that I am sailing along with you. Your Belhaven is beautiful and really inspires me to do a good job on mine. Glad that the blender worked, Dina. ;-) Kyle #44
  11. Looks awesome! What a nice job. Have fun!!
  12. Good to hear from you and that the boat is living up to your expectations! Loved the photos, too. My Belhaven #44 is still in the works, but when I built my centerboard, Scott mentioned that he used around 35# of lead in his. I asked Graham about this, and it was felt that 35# is sufficient to weight the board down. Sounds like you have a good compromise with your winch. Kyle
  13. Scott told me he and Dina sleep in their Belhaven when on road trips. They just use it as an RV. I'm sure he will chime in here with particulars... Kyle
  14. Quote from above poster: "Chesapeake Light Craft is a bit flaky, and their website needs an overhaul, but Sailrite, Duckworks, and a host of others get the job done promptly." I have also had good luck with Sailrite and Duckworks, but have never had a problem with Chesapeake Light Craft. I have ordered three boat kits from them and they all came on the dates promised and packaged very nicely. I have always been impressed with how they put the customer first, even when a question I have does not pertain to a boat in their fleet. I have also ordered sundry supplies from them with the same great service. Kyle
  15. Guess you gotta trust me on this one. I tried to download a picture, but it said the file was too big. I am not too computer savvy, sorry! Kyle #44
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